BREAKING: Tunnel Found Burrowed Under Women’s Section of 770, Possibly Destabilizing The Building


Shock and horror in Crown Heights after a tunnel was found burrowed underground in the most unlikely of places, under 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights.

No, we really aren’t joking. Not an Israeli replica of 770 in Eretz Yisroel. 770 Eastern Parkway, the Headquarters of Lubavitch in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, United States.

The accidental discovery happened nearly three weeks ago after a series of incidents rang alarm bells with the Gabboim of 770.

A Union Street homeowner who spoke with said that they had been hearing suspicious noises at night in their home for a period of time. As the noise continued, the concerned homeowner notified someone of the sounds and their suspicion.

Around the same time, construction work was underway placing new plumbing near 770. As the work neared completion, a trench was dug to lay a waterline and the surprised workers were shocked to find what appeared to be a tunnel underground, according to a source familiar with the incident.

Putting the pieces together, one of the workers in 770 investigated and got the shock of his life when he discovered the tunnel, burrowed from the Mikvah on the corner of Union Street and Kingston Ave. The tunnel allegedly extended from the Mikvah under the Kingston Ave women’s section of 770, where it exited into the building.

While details on the tunnel remain scarce, and with some rumors spreading, it appears that a group of bochurim began digging around six months ago in an attempt to “expand 770”.

Working at night for an extended period of time, the bochurim began digging from the Mikvah building and hollowed out a tunnel that sounds eerily similar to those used by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The tunnel, while “amateurish” managed to extend all the way to 770 where it burrowed under the Kingston Ave women’s section, possibly destabilizing it.

Shocked and horrified at what was found, the 770 Gabboim made the decision to close off the now possibly unsafe women’s section to the public as decisions are made on how to secure the building.

With the tunnel discovered, the parties involved will now have to grapple with some difficult questions such as who will be responsible for the damage caused by the tunnel? Will criminal charges have to be brought against the bochurim? With the 770 building still under dispute, those questions will become exponentially more complicated.

Calls made by to the Gabboim of 770 with a request for comment went unanswered.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article included an assumption that work on the tunnel began during COVID, an assumption that has proven to be wrong. has confirmed through a neighbor who had access to the Mikvah that as of six months ago no work on the tunnel had begun. The article has been corrected to show the accurate information.


  • Chaim

    This is called journalism?! With no evidence you write who the culprits are just so you can further your agenda.

    • Rev Nathanael

      You’ve seen the videos haven’t you? You’ve seen the stained, child-sized mattresses pulled out from those tunnels, right? Beware being overly-strenuous in your insistence that nothing wrong has been done. You yourself have here admitted that “the culprits” were named. That wasn’t established before. Thank you for helping.

    • Fact Finder

      There are several videos that you can watch. More of the story will develop over the coming weeks.

    • Noticer

      Someone shared the angry comments written by certain people here, and it os making it go viral. Not the article, but the telltale over-defensiveness. You can build tunnels and place child sized mattresses inside of them and stain those mattresses doing GOD KNOWS (and He does know) what, and when it is exposed you call for censorship out of pure entitled habit and expectation.

  • YW

    Sounds like a Purim Shpiel! How could that possibly be? There are all kinds of pipes for plumbing, gas service, and other infrastructure under all these buildings. And amateurs doing hand-digging would need way more time than this article indicates….

    • Simon

      That was completely unrelated and brought on by a single particularly heavy woman

  • Yosef stam

    I read your article and I can’t believe this is modern day mesirah, regardless of how bad the people who did this are, publicising it is going to cause harm to 770 make a chilul hashem and give our enemy’s munition against us you are equivalent modern day hamas

    • Moishy

      Are you serious?! Do you even know what mesirah is?? Chillul Hashem and mesirah are very different. And if you’re going to mention modern day in Connection to mesirah, you should know it’s much less bad in the modern days than in the past- see aruch Hashulhan
      Also-“Modern day hamas”?? Are you so disconnected from your brethren in Eretz Yisroel that you don’t feel hamas and the war is “modern day”?

    • Curious

      I like how you said the paper is evil, but you never said it lied.

      Because it didn’t.

    • Well then

      So don’t publicize super shady suspicious behavior? No thanks! If this was a mosque oh lord would you guys be sharing and posting away! God is great!

  • Mendel

    I read the article
    In the beginning of the article it says the homeowner on union st heard noises at night when the workers were doing plumbing on Kingston Ave 3 weeks ago.
    In the end of the article it says this happened during Covid.
    Very confusing.
    Either way it is a problem

    • Robert Tishman

      I would really love to know why they decided to build a tunnel? I also don’t appreciate the fact that the police were very disrespectful. This could have been handled better.

  • Yossel

    The truth is that this should’ve been done a long time ago. Why isn’t the shool expanding? We’re all responsible that nobody’s doing anything and there’s more empty space past that and they should continue onto the Mikvah and the neighbor next-door by *****. He has no right to live there.

  • Yossel

    770 is not private it belongs to Hasidim and Hasidim wants to expand and they should do it legally and as soon as possible and the more they expand the better maybe to build a building is not easy so maybe just spread out as much as possible but something Hass to be done there is not enough space

  • Delete this asap before making fools of yourselves

    I can confirm that this is 100% nonsense. No such tunnel exists. Please fire whoever posted this ridiculous article.

    • Yossi K.

      Ma Kesh?? You ask….

      Terrorism is terrorism. No matter from which angle you look.
      If it’s Gaza if it’s Detroitniks or if it’s Rashlatzim…..
      They all fall into the same category.

    • At Yossi K

      Do Detroitniks and rashlatzim murder, rape and torture Jews? That’s what terrorists are. So you don’t agree with someone, that doesn’t make them a murderer. Please learn English.

  • Stam a toishov

    Wondering if there’s any evidence?!

    Any pictures any clips

    Interesting nothing so who says it ever happened

  • Moshiach time

    This is unbelievable! We all know that tunnels were made under the Beis Hamikdosh by its builders and will be revealed when it is to be rebuilt. The Beis Rabeinu Sheb’Bovel – which is the version of the Beis Hamikdosh while in golus obviously had the same made, Moshiach is here and these tunnels are being revealed- this is cause for great celebration!!!!

    • Proudjew

      Your crazy just because there are tunnels under 770 does not mean that mashiach Is coming, sure I agree that mashiach is coming but this does not prove it. Get your senses back and don’t just believe what anyone tells u

    • BMG

      “Moshiach times” – let’s celebrate when the pipes of 770 leak and water flows from 770, it is also a sign that moshiach is coming, because water will flow from the Bais Hamikdash.

  • Anonymous

    This is crazy. These Bochurim are out of control. Someone has to stop them. They’re the Jewish version of Islamic extremists

    • Anonymous

      The bachurim are the future, and the most extreme thing they do is put a moshiach sticker on a pole, they are harmless, they just want more room to learn, the rebbe would approve.

  • Digging Deep

    Forget tunnels, if these bochurim keep digging, they might just hit China and order takeout for the whole yeshiva! Who knew plumbing mishaps could turn into an archaeological adventure?

  • A bissel seichel

    You guys are poshut sick. You are completely delusional and need a LOT of help. When you guys decide to come back to your senses then you can continue posting, otherwise will become known as “the website of the delusional” which I don’t think anybody has an issue with. So continue with your hack in chainiks but don’t bad mouth the bochurim!!!!!!!!! choished b’ksheirim!!!!!!!!!1

    • Goyim#5

      The only ones to make fools of themselves were the bochurim who risked the lives and safety of the community by weakening the foundations with that fakakta digging project. It was selfish and short sighted and they should be ashamed of the foolishness they have shown to the world! Only a fool yells at the stranger who criticizes their children while those children make fools of themselves.

  • NG

    Dot you know that 770 was once a hospital before it was Lubavitch … or a doctor’s clinic ..
    The tunnel was there from before because it might have been an illegal abortion clinic😒😟

  • Mendy Hecht

    You all just don’t understand. They were constructing the first station of a new subway line to run all the way down Kingston to Empire.

    • MindShebizzness

      Just to empire? I thought the plan was to have an express lane (no traffic lights, or speed/red light cameras) to the Ohel…?

  • Rd

    If this is True and I say If! I have to hand it to these bochurim . Rather then wasting their energy’s on terrible things in the streets. They have pioneered a new approach to get things moving in Ch. Moshiaxh Now.

  • Shmuel Cohen

    IM not for them digging tunnels.
    But to compare them to Hamas and Gaza is despicable and as much as the person verifying this comment and will not allowed to be posted
    Remember at 120 you will be judged. And it’s despicable and disgusting. To compare young teenagers to murderers in Gaza.

  • Concerned Shchuna Member

    Issues with article:

    The article is full of emotional drama and outbursts such as “Shock and horror” which seems the story was run through AI with lack of expertise in using AI to write an article, which gives a emotional spin which clouds from seeing the basic understanding of the occorance.

  • Concerned Shchuna Member

    It seems no professional body has determined that the tunnel is dangerous or destabilizing, rather it seems that the gaboim are upset that they were not part of the development of the tunnel, as it seems the political state of CH has frozen any expansion of 770, seems like the tmimim need more space to learn but feel hopeless from working with the corruption system in CH.

  • Anonymous

    The sleazy comparison to the doings of Hamas is embarrassing, rather I would compare it to the Maccabi revolt, as these students have done this to learn Torah!

    Just like on Chanuka we play Draidle to cover up our intent to study.

    So too the Tmimim went against the covid “Gzeiros” to learn torah, of course these Tmimim mean well and the expansion of 770 is 40 years overdue.

  • Anonymous

    I hop that the people of CH will see this as an opportunity to expand 770 to union st. So that there will be more room to lean and daven, respectively. Let’s not be satisfied with tents on eastern Parkway, let’s expand 770!

    P. S. These buildings are 100 years old or so, as long as beam structures are not damaged I believe it should be stable for expansion, and I doubt krats could argue

  • Devan Sagliani

    There are now videos and pictures all over twitter X and social media of the tunnels and cops arresting members. the tunnels are REAL, there’s no doubt.

  • Samuel

    There’s no evidence to support these anti-Semitic claims. Why would you make up these horrible lies? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Decker

      Why would you make up your own horrible lie now? The tunnels are there. They are real. If they aren’t your tunnels, why are your people now trying to prevent them from being closed up again? Wake up.

  • Chaim Goldbergshekelblat

    What tunnels?
    There wasn’t 6000sq ft of tunnels.
    How could a group of practicing Hassids take time away from prayer to dig 600 sq ft of tunnels?
    Even suggesting that work started on 60sq ft of tunnels without permits is rooted in clear antisemitism.
    My parents, cousins, village, brothers, and even my shabbos goy were gassed in the shoah.

  • Tyrone

    The struggle between the people and the hatred amongst them , is being nurtured by very specific interested parties. It is a small rootless, international clique that is turning the people against each other, that does not want them to have peace .

  • Miranda

    This comment section is delicious. Ive never seen an entire culture and religion so undeniably checked out from reality.

  • Tishman

    They will probably building this tunnel to protect themselves from all these animals that are always attacking Jews I believe the police have overreacted because we have a mayor that is an absolute Criminal!!

  • Levi Cohen

    This tunnel was here before the Haredim. This was for an abortion clinic run by Moshe Silverstein in the Great Depression days, before we got it legalized


    If I were digging a tunnel, I would want some cushion between me and the rocks on my back or on my knees. Hence – the soiled mattresses. A real no-brainer except for the exceptional anti-semites.

  • Noticing

    They found child sized mattresses with stains on them in the tunnel.

    They found a high chair in the tunnel.

    Please explain.

  • Gillian Davis

    I saw a video about that “news” this morning, that shows a Rabbi emerging from a CLOSED grate in the street! If ever there was proof of AI generated falsehoods, that was it!

  • Bee tohen

    So let me get this straight, it says how a Union Homeowner was hearing “suspicious noises” coming from the tunnels. Then right after that plumbers mysteriously found the tunnels while doing normal repairs? I’m not buying it. That’s not a coincidence. Just keep telling on yourself it’s very entertaining.

  • Chabad Spokesman

    This is Mendel from the Chabad Media Department.
    Due to the cultural sensitivity of this matter, many global news sites are making erroneous claims because of a lack of knowledge and understanding in this matter.
    If you would like to talk with an “Insider” with a thorough understanding of the incident from multiple perspectives, please send me an email to
    Best Wishes,

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