First Photos Leaked Of The Tunnel Under 770


Six months ago, a Crown Heights resident was granted access to the Union Mikvah as the area grappled with a terrible infestation of rats. Now, the Mikvah looks like this.

Heaped with dirt and soil, the Mikvah, which has not been in use for years, has become the location used by the vandals to hide the tons of debris from their tunneling efforts.

As previously reported by, the tunnel was worked at night for an extended period of time, with the bochurim began digging from the Mikvah and hollowing out a tunnel that sounds eerily similar to those used by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The tunnel, while “amateurish” managed to extend all the way to 770 where it burrowed under the Kingston Ave women’s section, destabilizing it.


  • Menachem mendle eggfart

    Thank you to crown heights info for being the only major chabad news site to post theese important news storys

  • Yossel

    Hopefully they will do it right and prepare it legally for tishrei the people need the space it’s about time

  • Absolutely crazy

    This is absolutely crazy not okay!!!!! This is basically worse than stealing it’s breakingand entering!!! These people should pay for the damages!!! Out of all places in such holy place the Rebbe’s Shul!!!! They should be ashamed!!! I Am appalled!!!!

  • This is literally shaking the foundations of lubavitch

    It’s absolutely terrifying that the very foundations of Bais Rabaiynu Shebibavel are compromised and it is equally heartbreaking that it was done by fellow yidden.
    Now more than ever Am Yisroel must be united. Let’s all daven that 779 should be safe and we should be with the rebbe in 770 with the coming of moshiach speedily in our days!

  • Anonymous

    These tunnels take a lot of special equipment and machinery and great physical strength and effort to make. Hamas has all these things in almost unlimited supply to accomplish these things. It’s very difficult to understand how bocherim could acquire the heavy duty drills, large sledge hammers and much more to break through rocks, and so much clay, dirt etc. Very puzzling.

  • Joey

    Steps with cement on two sides. What does that have to do with this?!

    You want to convince me bouchrim were able to do that…?!!!

    If that wasn’t there before (I’m sure it was), then maybe indeed hamas did it ch”v….

    These pictures are ridiculous and not very convincing…

    Besides perhaps the dirty in Union Mikvah….

  • Takeh an issue

    Everyone here commenting on the fact that the tunnel looks weird.
    But hey, if they start offering tunnel tours for a few, there will soon be enough money to “expand 770”

  • DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What NERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To compare bochurim to HAMAS!?!?!?????!!!!!!!???????? Where have you fallen from!!!!!!!!! You are worse than a chazir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 You are poshut disgusting!!!!!!!!!! you have no problem calling another Yid a member of hamas?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!???! the same creatures that are responsible for the murder of thousands of people, yidden our brothers and sisters!?!?!?!?!

  • Bina

    The flooring in the tunnel suggests that this was a professional job. Perhaps a look at the blueprints for 770 would be best before pointing fingers and comparing fellow Jews to Hamas ym”s.

  • Dov Unterman

    The lack of security in and around 770 is very inviting to those who might want to hurt us.
    Regardless of who dug the tunnel, remember, nobody was watching the store.

  • Kevin

    I dug and built tunnels for years. This is way more than its being presented as and no it’s not the work of “Mexican workers,” as has been suggested. Look at the pictures with the brick wall on the side of the picture. Then look down. That’s an old pre-existing sidewalk.

    • Patricio Garcia

      I think so too, either that, or is a way to get to those water main joints. Somebuildings are over 100 years old, so things get covered up or filled in thru the years.

  • Emmy

    I have been in quite a few of the mikvahs as I helped a few elderly Holocaust women survivors go to the mikvah on the lower east side, and Queens. Some were built many years after the buildings they’re in. Mainly due to not enough money to build a mikvah. Some mikvahs were built next door to the shul, some aren’t in the best condition, like the one you’re showing. They were built to be temporary

  • Stern

    Many people reading this know the truth but are too cowardly to speak. The time has come to make an announcement maybe??

  • J. Reuven Krupka

    Someone from the inside, in the simplest of terms, please explain why this tunnel was built, if you know? Someone must know! Dispel the speculation. And, yes, I agree any comparisons between this and October 7th don’t pass the smell test.

  • Adam12

    It’s offensive to compare these tunnels to Hamas tunnels. Hamas, with all the money and support they got from Bibi, would never build such an awful tunnel.

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