Mitzvah Tank Vandalized in Manhattan For The Second Time


The Mitzvah Tank that sits in Manhattan bringing Yiddishkeit to far flung Jews has been targeted in graffiti for the second time, and the police believe the same man is responsible.

The Chabad crew arrived at the Mitzvah Tank Friday to find the word “Palestine” again scrawled in spray-paint onto the side of the vehicle.

“Our Mitzvah Tank was once again hatefully vandalized. Same location (Manhattan’s busiest traffic corridor),” Rabbi Yehuda Pevzner who runs the Mitzvah Tank wrote on Twitter. “@NYPD detectives are investigating and we hope that this case is taken very seriously. For more information, please reach out to”

This vandalism is the second time that anti-Israel graffiti has targeted this Mitzvah Tank, with the last one taking place on October 31st of 2022. At the time, the NYPD released a photo of the suspect, although no report indicated that the man was arrested.

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  • Disappointed

    They know by now and have no who did it they just won’t do anything about it now that this time no next time the person will try the third time and not get caught as well just give it a couple of weeks! Either put a camera there or leave somebody there to catch them

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