Mitzvah Tank Vandalized With Pro-Palestinian Graffiti


A Mitzvah Tank parked on a Manhattan Street was targeted last night with pro Palestinian Graffiti, sparking a social media storm.

“Yesterday late evening we were alerted that our state of the art mitzvah tank was graffitied in a hateful attack while parked in the heart of Soho on Broadway,” Rabbi Yehuda Pevzner, who runs the Mitzvah Tank said. “The NYPD is taking this very seriously and we thank them for the strong response. We will keep you updated as the investigation continues.”

According to a post on Twitter by Yosef Hershkop, the graffiti was an act of “Pure intimidation of Jewish volunteers who literally feed the homeless”, which received a swift response by NYC Councilman Kalman Yaeger and Inspector Richie Taylor of the NYPD Community Affairs.

“Our fleet of Mitzvah Tanks and volunteers will not be intimidated by this,” Rabbi Pevzner explained. “In fact we are already back to our regular schedule today.”

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