POLL: A Majority of People Want A Crown Heights Eiruv, But Not An Overwhelming Majority

by CrownHeights.info

The results of a survey asking residents of Crown Heights if they would want an official Eiruv for the community has arrived, and it shows that a majority are in favor, but not by much.

The question was, “If an Eiruv were permissible in Crown Heights according to Halacha, would you like to officially have one?”

According to the survey, which was completed by hundreds of residents, 55% responded YES, that they would be in favor, while 45% responded NO.

The argument for or against an Eiruv for the Crown Heights community stems from two sticky subjects. 1. Is it Halachically permissible, and 2. Did the Rebbe want or not want one?

The Halachic aspect of erecting an Eiruv for Crown Heights has been a hotly debated topic, primarily focusing on Eastern Parkway and the concern that it may be considered a Reshus Harabim and unable to be encompassed by an Eiruv. This debate, and others, can be found in Kol Koreh‘s, Kovtzim, and letters that have been published and made available to the public.

The second issue, that of if the Rebbe wanted an Eiruv, remains a less divisive subject. While the Rebbe did encourage many communities and cities to erect their own Eiruvs, the Rebbe was reported as having spoken with Rabbi Groner and others against a Crown Heights Eiruv.

As such, even though there is presently an Eiruv built that encompasses Crown Heights, no Crown Heights Rav has yet endorsed it for the community.


    • Zaidy

      The Rebbe wanted a Eruv, besides rumors that were unverified. It’s a clear Halacha in shulchan aruch to make a Eruv.

    • Ch’er

      The statistics here are not very reliable. The people who want an Eruv are the ones who bothered responding. The pole Was not necessarily given to a proper sample of people, asking everyone to give a response.

  • No chabad rabbis from usa signed

    Notice no chabad rabbis from usa signed this letter

    This was discussed a few yrs ago.
    Then rabbi yaakov schwei, rabbi braun, rabbi osdoba, and rabbi groner signed a letter against a crown hts eruv since the rebbe was against it

  • sl

    So Reb Yoel, Rabbi Groner, Rabbis Heller, Schwei, and Osdoba all said the Rebbe was against it. Yet crownheights.info knows better. They were around then, they all came out in unison against it.


    שאל אביך ויגדך זקיניך ויאמרו לך, is a פסוק in תורה, and as אידן, that is what we must follow.

    theories and דיוקים are all very nice but in practice we must follow, even if we don’t understand

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