A Crown Heights Eiruv, Is It Even Really Wanted? Also, Rabbi Zajac Responds to A Letter From The Rebbe On The Topic

by CrownHeights.info

The argument for and against an eiruv in the Crown Heights community has raged for years, and has recently been reignited with a series of Halchic responsa discovered and prepared on the topic.

From a Kol Koreh signed onto by multiple leading Chabad Rabbonim, to Kuntreisim authored by numerous Rabanim on the topic, the discussion and arguments continue to rage.

At present, without the endorsement of the Rabonim of Crown Heights and regardless of the Halachic potential, there is no accepted Eiruv.

Yet an earlier question should be asked. Does the Crown Heights community even want an Eiruv?

Please fill out the attached survey so that we may answer this question. The data will be published in a follow up article.

A recent Kuntres, published by Rabbi Shmuel Zajac, on the opinion of the Chabad Rabbeim and Eruvin, was not widely published, and is being diseminated here for everyone to learn.

A few weeks ago a new answer of the Rebbe came out on this matter, and being that there was an ongoing discussion on the meaning of the letter, Rabbi Zajac penned an essay on his own responding to the way others had translated it.

Read Rabbi Zajac’s Kuntreisim:

Part #1, Part #2, Part #3

See the Kuntres Below:


    • Not my view

      It’s the Rebbe’s view. It’s the Alter Rebbe’s view.
      I don’t even understand how you feel secure enough to argue with them?
      No eruv. Thank you

  • The Question

    Can someone please explain to me why is there a question at all?
    We have a Rebbe. The Rebbe said NO.
    Are we doing whatever we want to do just because it’s after ג’ תמוז!
    If that’s the case, then I am sorry to tell you, but before ג’ תמוז you had NO REBBE.
    Just before כ’ז אדר, you didn’t have the CHUTZPAH to say something/anything against the Rebbe.

    What part of NO don’t you understand? NO IS NO!!

  • Clueless people are being misled

    Just this past shabbos, I saw 2 frum looking men walking together.
    One had a coat. The other was carrying his umbrella….
    Why make more problems for people who lack the ability to deferentiate between what can and can’t be carried, even in your own fenced in yard!

  • To clueless people

    You cant use an umbrella on shabbos even with an eruv!
    Truly clueless!

    The rebbe said NO to an eruv in crown hts due to halachic reasons so why discuss this!

    • Really

      The Rebbe supported Eruvin including Brooklyn.
      To say the Rebbe is against building a Eruv is heretic.

  • To really and reb zev

    The rebbe said no to a crown hts eruv. Rabbi laibel groner and the crown hts bet din wrote about it when this eruv discussion started years ago. There is no eruv in crown hts accepted by crown hts bet din

  • Really

    We haven’t seen anything to verify from the Rebbe against making a Eruv, what we have seen is many letters in the igros and recordings of encouragement to build Eruvin including in Brooklyn and other cities with the Rebbe participating in the cost. The rumors from rabbi Groner were proven to be absolutely false.

  • To really

    The crown hts bet din – all 3 members at that time signed a letter saying NO to the eruv.
    Unfortunately rabbi schwei and rabbi leibel groner arent here to refute what you wrote
    The rebbe was not against eruvim per se but he was against one in crown hts due to the layout of the area.

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