Before and After, 770 Door Takes On New Life After Restoration


The front door of 770 Eastern Parkway gained a new life this week as it was replaced on its hinges after a brief hiatus for refurbishment.

The wood, worn by hundreds of thousands of hands, had been getting progressively lighter and duller, losing its darker stain finish as the years progressed.

On Wednesday of last week, the door was removed under the auspices of the upstairs 770 caretaker Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam and with the help of Rabbi Yossi Rabkin, temporarily replacing it as they took the aged door to a woodshop.

Last night the door returned, complete now with the deep glow of a new finish and ready to last another hundred years.


  • Zevi Tap

    I don’t believe it’s the same door. I think they swapped doors and secretly sold the old one.

    • same

      It is the same door. if you look closely on the new order near the lock, you will see there is an added peice of wood where the damage was.

  • Ezra Solomon

    I doubt that they would change the door. To me, it looks like the same door.
    If you expand the pic and look closely you can see where they used a wood-filler.
    In addition the wood grains are the same as those in the old pic – like finger prints!

  • Arna

    This is great to see. Yashaar Koah. Last year I was able to arrange to have someone redo the women’s doors but it looks like it is due for an update.

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