#Tefillin4pittsburgh, The Results Are In

In response to the massacre that took place in Pittsburgh on Shabbos 18th of Cheshvan 5779 (October 27 2018) claiming the lives of 11 innocent Jews- may g-d avenge their blood, as well as the other anti-Semitic attacks that have taken place in recent months, a few Bochurim from the Montreal Zal decided it’s time for them to respond and initiated an international campaign called “#Tefillin4pittsburgh” with an objective to emphasize the underlying importance of Mivtza Tefillin as well as encouraging others to go the extra mile to find potential candidates.

The campaign was an overall smashing success and it’s organizers were amazed to see how many people were glad and at the same time proud to assist with the publicity of the campaign and how many people that were more often than not reluctant to lay Tefillin, did so in honor of the #Tefillin4pittsburgh campaign, some of which even saw it meaningful enough that they changed their perception to the whole idea and undertook to lay Tefillin in the future weeks too.

Yosef Liberman the overseer of the campaign says “it’s in the darkest moments that we must focus to see the light, and do our part to make a difference”, and how meaningful it is to see the joint effort of people globally uniting in such difficult times and letting nothing get in the way of connecting to their Jewish identity and heritage.

The 3 simple instructions (namely 1. Wrapping up 2. Taking a selfie with the selfie card 3. Sharing it with us) caught on like wildfire and over the weekend hundreds of pictures proudly displaying Jewish- pride captured on every corner of the globe came pouring in.

The campaign slogan was “let’s spread some light in the darkness”, which is what all participants were proudly proclaiming as they gladly rolled up the sleeves to lay Tefillin, some doing so for the first time of their lives.

The campaign organizers would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that made this possible and outstretched a hand to make this such a huge success, may we ultimately merit the true light with speedy arrival of Moshiach Now.



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