Crown Heights Landlords to Lower Rents

Purim 2017: Responding to the outcry of community members regarding the skyrocketing rents in the community, the Crown Heights Landlords Association has agreed to reduce the monthly rent for all Crown Heights apartments, effective immediately. The move affects apartments in apartment buildings as well as private homes.

When asked what prompted the decision, Rob Gazlan, Chairman of the association, responded that the move was motivated by the generosity of its members. “Crown Heights landlords have been known for their concerned and caring attitudes toward renters,” he said, “which is why rents are rarely raised and upstairs tenants are never scolded for the overhead noise caused by their children’s footsteps.”

When asked about future initiatives on the association’s agenda, Mr. Gazlan responded that the members are in the process of passing an initiative that would allow renters to use their landlord’s driveway free of charge.


  • Anonymous

    Eli cohen the property manager of the crown heights council decided to give all of his management fees to subsedize rents

  • Anonymous

    People in crown heights decide to go to work and. It be in shul at 11 am davaning so they are able to pay their rent

  • A real landlord

    Very funny. As a real landlord i fpund this very humorous and to the no driveway thing… My tenantd know who i am and thats definitely pretty funny

  • צבי

    זה נשמע כמו בדיחת פורים .אבל פורים עבר והבדיחה נישראה
    יש לי שאלה שזה בטח לא יודוע לכל תושבי השכונה .
    האם שאלתם פעם את השאלה איך זה שכל האנשים שנבחרו לועד השכונה פיתום באיזה יום בהיר נהיו בעל הבתיים של בניים . .ופיתום אלה שנבחרו נעלמו עם בבניים שקיבלו כדמי שתיקה,לא שומעים מהם .
    באיזה חוצפה גנבו הנבחרים את קולתנו ונעלמו . והעבודה שלהם היא ללחוץ על אלה שעזרו להם להבחר , אם שכר דירה שזועק לשמיים. והשכונה מאבדת את מיטב בנייה שעוזבים למקומות אחרים,,
    יש לציין שאני קיבלתי לחקור את הנושא ולהביא את התוצאות לציבור ואים חילופי השלטון נברר את הנושא על איזה זכות הנבחורים קיבלו את הבניים מדובר מכל השנים ונעמוד על זכתנו לשכר דירה שנוכל לחיות בשכונה…..

    • Anonymous

      דחוף לך ללמוד לכתוב עברית בלי שגיאות.. לפני שאתה מתחיל לחקור ומביא תוצאות…

  • been there, done that ...

    i lived a few years ago, for a total of five years…… i lived in those buildings on kingston/albany on east new york avenue….dumbest thing i ever did was to leave brooklyn…. ANYWAY, my landlord NEVER raised my rent for any of those five years. NEVER. Yes, there, at times, were issues; but, never an issue which revolved around him. i look back i realize just how blessed i was to have been there ……..i really enjoyed EVERYTHING, as i look back on the memories; well, except finding parking in the morning when i came home from working overnight for 14 hours…… my landlord made my life very comfortable……..if your expenses are too much you are living out of budget and that is no ones fault but your own………it is very adolescent to blame someone else for you’re living out of budget………..

  • Ocheb Emes

    #9 Why do you write in hebrew? Perhaps you are an Israeli?Is it not what they do in Israel investiate one another?. If you have a solution that would be fine. But just to blame and create hate and friction perhaps you should leave that.

  • please

    we need major revamp of ethics and midos. We need sensitivity training and social skills, and ethics al pi Torah.

  • To been there....

    Interesting how u expect everyone is having the same experience you did and insulting them for complaining…? So u are lucky to have had a decent landlord. Many aren’t lucky at all and are truly struggling…Not because they’re living beyond their means, yes because they’re landlord hikes up their rent yearly to unaffordable numbers. And picking up and moving is not an option for many either.
    ….There is a concept of ppl being poor, and of landlords being greedy. It exists here in a very real and painful way.

  • American dream

    Wow, next your going to tell me they will also start to use the rent money to fix things in the apartments!!!! Or write rent-to-own lease contracts!! Good news! Or even better, that the developers will start a relocation gemach to assist families to move to affordable communities!!!!❤ can’t wait! Everyone should be able to achieve the American dream of owning their own home – even Yeshiva families! Purim sameach!!!!❤