Video: Car Narrowly Avoids Train in Kfar Chabad

On Monday evening in Kfar Chabad, a car with several frum passengers narrowly avoided a collision with an oncoming train, after the vehicle broke down while crossing a railroad intersection just as the gates were coming down.

Boruch Hashem, the several passengers were able to evacuate the vehicle in time, and the vehicle itself was rolled off the tracks before the train arrived, avoiding a costly and potentially life-threatening collision.

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  • 1. Never stop on train tracks! wrote:

    If traffic is slow, wait behind the crossing bar until
    traffic starts moving. Never, Never, Never wait on the tracks!!!!

    • 3. to #2 wrote:

      did you watch the video?
      they ran out when the gate closed on them and when they saw was safe they got back in the car and MAGICALLY the car drove away!!

  • 4. Seeing is believing wrote:

    BH everyone was safe.
    Not seeing the train pass by tho, kind of let the air out of the sails of suspense…

  • 7. choo choo wrote:

    I know that junction very well. I’m not sure how a car driving normally can suddenly break down on the tracks which aren’t wide at all. The driver must have been really stupid and reckless to have tried to beat the barrier. B”H no one was hurt but even though the people in the car got out, if the train would have hit a car the injuries to people on the train would have been terrible.

  • 8. JP wrote:

    Its not the first time or even the second. There have to make a tunnel or bridge already, like they have further down the track. The angle of the track, and the fact that most people there drive manual shift cars means that sometimes a stall happens at the incline, but if you do not recover quickly enough it can lead to a dangerous scenario.


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