Photos: Yud Tes Kislev in Monsey

This past Motzei Shabbos, Parshas Vayishlach, the Rockland County Community once again celebrated Yud Tes Kislev with a gala Melava Malka, organized by Heichal Menachem of Monsey. The Melava Malka was attended by prominent Rabbonim and drew a diverse crowd of close to one thousand people, representing the entire spectrum of Yidden, all in their yearning and appreciation in this turbulent era, forAvodas Hashem as it is illuminated via Chassidus.

The program was organized by its director, R’ Dovid Oberlander, son of Hagoan HaRav Gedalia Oberlander, and chaired by R’ Hershy Rosenbluh. Opening remarks were shared by Rabbi Efrayim Piekarski, Rosh HaKollel of Heichal Menachem’s Leil Shishi Kollel, followed by noted Lecturer and Author Harav Hachossid Rav Nosson Gurary. The peak of the event, were the riveting and thought provoking Divrei Hisorerus presented by the world renowned orator and Chozer of the Divrei Torah of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, zy”a, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Jacobson, elaborating passionately about the power of Chassidus and how that can elevate one to the ultimate level of Ahava V’Yiras Elokim despite one’s challenges.

As in the past, hundreds flocked to buy Chassidishe Sforim, drastically reduced for this unique occasion, especially those of the Holy Maggidand the Baal Hatanya, as well as the brand new sefer, culled from the wisdom of the Baal Hatanya, Netzutzei Aish; bound to flare our inner sparks to Avodas Hashem. All attendees received a mazkeres printed especially for this event, “Toldos Sefer HaTanya,” elaborating on the history of the Tanya. Throughout, the evening was enhanced with various hartzige old time Chassidishe niggunim, by the talented vocalists Yossi Goldstein and the Rabin brothers, inspiring and lingering on as the evening concluded in spontaneous dance late into the night.

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    Nice to see we’ve been deprived for many years in monsey finally new leadership doing something!


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