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We Want Moshiach – With a Beat!

Ker A Velt Productions, created by Aizik Chanin, has produced a new song about Moshiach, titled ‘One Two Three.’ With an upbeat tempo and modern ‘dub’ sound, the song’s producer aims to create kosher Jewish entertainment that appeals to today’s youth.


    • 2. pro wrote:

      Actually the youth made this song, and shows how even this genre of music can be made into something jewish.

  • 3. You have no taste wrote:

    Just because it doesn’t say ai ai ai doesn’t mean it’s sad it’s just as Jewish as Avraham fried and MBD.

    And GO Aizik Chani great job keep it up amazing and I love it

  • 4. Fulleh chanin wrote:

    Thank you Tsuriel Eichenstein & Tsuriel Eichenstein Design for the beautiful cover thank again

  • 6. Oy is right wrote:

    The darkness is the darkest before the dawn.

    #1 , yes this is what appeals to youth.

    Its like trying to stop a speeding train

    Ana L’oraar rachamim rabam …

    Zai Gezunt all
    from your friend Getzl Shlomo
    Moshiahc Now !

  • 9. Abselutly no taste wrote:

    This song is rly weird I am a youth and this does not appeal to me in least!!!
    Even Avraham fried negunim are better than this!!!!!

  • 17. lion and lamb? Huh?????? wrote:

    i though its a wolf and lamb. “The wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the young goat …And the lion will eat straw as the ox”
    Lion and lamb is the goyish misinterpretation, and the “music/noise” is awful.
    Nebach our children if this is their concept of Moshiach.

    • 19. reality wrote:

      This is bad!
      In many ways,
      the effects sound bad and they failed to make a jewish copy of the style of music.
      ad mosai!!
      moshiach now!


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