Crown Heightser Comes in 2nd at ‘Chidon HaTanach’

The annual International Tanach competition just concluded at the Binyanei Haumah in Jeruslaem. Crown Heights resident and Lubavitcher Chossid Alex Heppenheimer competed in the event, coming in second place after winner Chananel Malka.

The event is organized annually by Israel’s education ministry.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose son Avner won the children’s version of the competition in 2010, opened the event with remarks praising the study of Tanach by Jews around the world.

The event was broadcast live on Israeli TV and online.


  • Kol hakovod

    So impressive
    What school does he attend
    He must of learned on his own as most Chabad schools regretfully don’t focus on tanach

    • Not quite

      1) This is an adult chidon, although exceptional bochurim may indeed be welcome to participate. Rabbi Heppenheimer is an adult married father of several children. And his knowledge of all areas of Torah, including Tanach, is truly exceptional!

      2) The term is “must have” not “must of”.

      3) Have you done a serious survey of Chabad schools worldwide, as well as non-Chabad schools worldwide, to come up with your negative conclusion as to the teaching of Tanach in Chabad schools–relative to other schools?
      Until you have done so, I suggest that you “tracht gut vett zein gut” about your unproven negative theory, which could be arguably disproven by the outcome of this chidon.

    • Alexander Heppenheimer

      Thank you.

      I studied in Oholei Torah and in 770. It is true that they don’t particularly focus on Tanach, but I think it is fair to say that a student who is motivated to study it – or any other מקצוע שבתורה – on his own will most definitely receive warm support from the teachers and principals.

  • NMN

    Very nice!
    If you want to see the clips in which he is seen go to:
    Minute 21:55 – Introduction
    Minute 50:45 – Double Question
    Minute 122:25 – 8 questions in under one minute.

  • Sholom

    Alex is a tremendous talmid chocham and gives a daf yomi shiur every evening in Empire Shtiebel

    • good kept secret5

      Are all welcome to his shiur? And what time is it? And does he go according to the daf yomi schedule or does the shiur go on their own scheduale? And what level learning is the shiur?

    • Alexander Heppenheimer

      I’ve actually been doing my best to make this shiur not a “good kept secret,” but thanks to Sholom for the kind words and for giving it further publicity.

      Yes, all are welcome to the shiur. In fact, come and bring some friends! We are always looking to grow attendance.

      It takes place at 8:30 PM weekdays (Sun-Thu), between minchah and maariv Friday evening, and at 8:30 PM Motzaei Shabbos (winter) or 4:45 PM Shabbos afternoon (summer). Generally it is in the cheder sheni of Empire Shtiebel, although on Friday nights and at other times when there are other shiurim or events there, we move upstairs.

      I do try to keep to the Daf Yomi schedule. Depending on circumstances, we may sometimes fall a daf or so behind, and then eventually catch up.

      Level of learning – I’ll leave that for you to decide. You can find recordings of some of my shiurim at and listen for yourself – or better yet, come in person.

  • Hebrew Academy Alumnus

    What a beautiful kiddush Hashem, a kiddush Lubavitch, and a testament to day school education. The Hebrew Academy Huntington Beach should be proud of its alumni.

  • Menachem Sholom Las Vegas

    We of Chabad of Southern Nevada salute Alex, a favorite son in law of our community in his monumental achievement which he attained with the help of the Aybeshteh and also through his possession of Chochmah, Binoh and Daas. Kol Hakovod. Way to go, Alex!!

  • Isaac Moses

    Mr. Heppenheimer, yeyasher kochacha on yet *another* tremendous kiddush shem shamayim barabim! You are a credit to the Jewish people.

  • David, the Chidon Tanach delegate from Australia

    It was an honor to spend a week with Alex and the other chidon tanach finalists in Yerushalayim. The knowledge of tanach of the participants was amazing. We all helped each other in our learning, even though we were competing against each other. The love that each showed for each other was truly inspirational. Our davening melded nusach ashkenaz, nusach sefard and edot mizrach somehow seamlessly.

    Alex is especially a talmid chacham, eager to share his learning with all, truly practising the best model of Yahadut. Alex – thank you!