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Breaking: Judge Rules, Gaboim must Return 770

A judge ruled that the Gaboim have 30 days to turn over possession of 770 to Aguch and Merkos. This ruling was ordered in a hearing this morning in state Supreme Court on 360 Adams Street before judge Bernadette Bayne who heard arguments from lawyers on both sides.

The hearing today was for two motions from lawyers representing Aguch, first to clarify the Appellate Courts ruling to include the Gaboim, which are part and partial to the Congregation and the corporation Congregation Lubavitch Inc., and second to hold them in contempt for not complying by not returning the premises.

Lawyers for the Gaboim tried to argue that they did in fact return 770 to Merkos and Aguch, but in response to a question from the judge inquiring if they really did the lawyers answered that they changed the stationary. The judge ruled that it was not acceptable and ordered them to return the building to its rightful owners, and gave them 30 days to comply or otherwise be held in contempt of court.

Lawyers for the Gaboim said that they will be appealing this decision.


  • 2. one of anash wrote:

    Looks like the Rebbe is making a seider in Crown Heights
    Lets hope all anash will haven in 770 and send way the beryonim.

  • 4. DIDAN NOTZACH! wrote:

    DIDAN NOTZACH! Please dear members of AGUCH, the reresentatives of the Rebbe, rise to the occasion and take back 770 from the mashchisim of the Rebbe’s holy name. The people are behind you and will give & show you their support if you lead the way. Zeh Hayom Asa Hashem Nagila Venismicha Vo!

  • 7. chosid wrote:

    Stop with the didan notzach garbage there’s no such thing by chasidim against other chasidim.

  • 9. Milhouse wrote:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. 30 days takes us to a Sunday, and the next day is 7 Av, when the Romans conquered the BHMK; the sitra achra is strong then, and it’s not a good time for an honest yid to go to court.

  • 10. a member of -that- demographic wrote:


    Big win for Lubavitch Inc.

    Now to deeal with the communtiy, and the yeshivah.

  • 11. Dont Please.... wrote:

    I am far from a Mishachist but I consider myself an anti Extremest!
    Puling down the signs will make a fight and will make Moshiach come in a longer time…

    instead The People who put it up should take it down, after all the point is to bring Moshiach right?!

  • 13. Harmony wrote:

    Why do the new Gabooim need to appeal? Why cant they just try to work peacefully with Agudas Chassidei Chabad and Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch as it looks like Rabbi Osdoba is trying to do as well. I think at this point we all would like to see everyone coming together and working in harmony, who needs the fighting?

  • 14. Milhouse wrote:

    #11, Barry was also a chossid.

    #13, the only basis for working things out can be “veheshiv es hagzeilo asher gozal”. The gaboim must acknowledge that they and the entire community are guests in Aguch/Merkos’s property. Once they do that, I’m sure Avremel and Yudel have no interest in physically running the place, and would be willing to appoint those gaboim who are merutzim lakohol, i.e. the ones who were elected (including Lipskier), to run it *on behalf of the owners*. That means they will have to obey guidelines given to them, reflecting the owners’ policy.

  • 15. CHT wrote:

    People, what are you talking about, we had such an achdustike election where everyone participated and only 2 of 4 gaboim are meshichist. Is not that now clear to everyone that current 4 are the proper gaboim? And these 4 are the ones who should decided on signs, tishrei places, running the shull and so on. How can Krinski throw out the gaboim that our community (including himself) elected in such unambiguous way.

  • 16. chosid wrote:


    Dishonest comparisons (in this case Barry to the Rebbe’s most chayusdik chasidim) are unhelpful.

  • 17. To 14 wrote:

    Barry was not a Chossid of the Rebbe nether was his mother
    infact barrey and his mother were trying to get the Reshag to be Rebbe (he obsley did not agree)

  • 18. shliach wrote:

    every community should have achdus, the elections were nice to see, but dont you think us shluchim who are around the world should not have chelek in the Rebbes shul? are we just tossed off, because we went on shlichus.
    it is therefore imperative that Aguch/Merkos retain ownership and all members of lubavitch, all those mekusher to the Rebbe are represented by there decision of whom they (representing us, you and I, as appointed by our beloved and dear Rebbe) decide.

  • 19. Milhouse wrote:

    #15, what would you say if the community decided to elect “gaboim” to run your house as they see fit? The building belongs to Aguch/Merkos. They choose to allow the public to come to the basement and daven there; that doesn’t give anyone any baalus over it. Legally, they could close the shul down tomorrow if they liked. Of course they have no intention of ever closing it down, but you have to realise that it’s their right, and therefore they are the baalei batim; the public whom they generously allow to use their property are guests, not owners, and neither they nor their elected representatives have the right to make any sedorim there against the owners’ wishes.

  • 22. antimesira wrote:

    To 15:

    I myself voted for Gabboyim because a vote less is a vote more for the bad guys, not because I believe it was my right to do so.
    I voted because on Sunday (election) day, that was the right and must logical and shall I say safe thing to do.
    I know many others (family and friends) who did the same.

  • 23. mosrim go out wrote:

    it’s about time we take back our shull. we must assign new gabboim and throw out the mosrim like paul huebner who feels he can walk around the shull like an important person.

  • 24. Florida Shliach wrote:

    For the past 15 years bringing Balei Batim into 770 downstairs was a Chillul Hashem. At first I brought them thinking that they will only see the holiness, Kedusha, the history etc. Unfortunately it was not the case. The signs, the vildkeit was totally unacceptable to them. This ruling, I hope, will bring some samity to the place. To me it means Kiddush Hashem and Derech Eretz for Lub. and the Rebbe. This is Axhdus.

  • 25. Didan Notach wrote:

    Finally, let the hatred for the rebbe stop, now everyone will be welcome to the place where the rebbe davened.

  • 26. Let-s have a new Gabboyim election! wrote:

    So this must be why that cretin tried to vandalize 770. It will not stop. The “Gabboyim” (a bunch of thieving Mosrim) will never give up. Legally, what will it take for them to accept defeat?

    And who is paying for all these court cases? I know Aguch pays for their side (why don’t they sue for costs??) but which misguided moron is funding the thugs in 770?

    By the way, Milhouse…if Barry was a Chosid, there is no way in gehennom he’d have done what he did. Plain & simple. I still can’t get over the fact that he threw away his exquisite heritage. What a fool. A greedy fool.

  • 28. maschisim go back wrote:

    ubou boneicho lidvir beitecho uphinu es hicholeicho
    the reebbe will prevail

  • 29. to ALL! wrote:

    Does anyone remember 19 kislev nun gimel??
    Did anyone learn or see video of sichas motzoei shabbos p. teruma, tov shin mem ches??

  • 30. to 15 wrote:

    I was going to write that!

    You can’t make elections on private property. What if America votes that Bill Gate’s Foundation’s assets should go directly to the Obama ’12 election; would that mean that the results of the vote should indeed be a binding determination of Gates’s assets?! Of course not! Likewise. Aguch has the deed on 770. PERIOD and END OF STORY. Therefore, the only vote that counts is between Aguch’s board members.

    Layla tov, my good friends.

  • 31. THANK G-D wrote:

    you can make a shehechyanu. This is truly a day of celebration a didna notach. When the signs that caused so much agro the the rebbe and turned away tens of thousands from chassidus, and made a mockery of the Rebbe’s life, when those signs are removed from 770 we can truly celebrate.

  • 32. 770 belongs to every chossid wrote:

    Der Rebbe un der sforim, balangen tzum chassidim – 770 doesnt belong to Krinsky. According to Sh”A, every one in CH has a say in 770 – that is what the N’tzigim essensially are!

  • 33. TO 25 wrote:

    to everyone: find a life!



  • 35. Restore Sanity to 770 wrote:

    When did wee forget that the operative principle, according to the Rebbe was “Oifen Hamiskabel!?”

    Considering 770 to be a place where we can “let it all hang out” because we consider it to be home ignores the fact that many people who find it convenient to daven in 770 are subject to things that they cannot accept and creates difficulties for shluchim.

    Dibbur is a function of malchus, but oisios ha-dibbur is a function of chochma. Unfortunately, in 770 we have lost sight of that and just ram a certain ideology down the throats of all who enter. It’s time it stopped.

  • 36. Shak wrote:

    You guys are disgusting…the shluchim too. The Rebbe said the Gabboyim are in control..end of story! You are gonna side with a goyishe judge who said what the Rebbe said is irrelevant?? Really?? First you guys deny the Rebbes sichos by acting the way you do and now you side with the side that makes the Rebbe irrelevant and makes Lubavitch into a corporation?? You make me sick….

  • 37. Green Tea wrote:

    who are you milhouse????

    I have read your comments for years_ and youre spot on.

    who are you??

  • 38. Normal Guy wrote:

    Amazing news! Cant wait to start davening there again like amentch

  • 39. Curious wrote:

    How does Aguch plan to run the day to day function of the Shul?
    Are the only issues in 770 shul about signs on the wall?

  • 42. the Rebbe wins wrote:

    Finally, The Rebbe prevails. They should take down the signs and have guards not allow anyone wearing pins and aleph beth yalmukas into 770. Rav Heller does not allow it in his collel as well as the main yeshivas in israel . Stop the Chillul Hashem

  • 43. Wanda Ring wrote:

    To Milhouse and others: It’s not so poshut. “They” (whoever they are) are not the owners of 770. They are the trustees of a charitable organization founded and funded for the purpose of supporting the shul, offices and a home for the Rebbe. I myself have contributed on many occasions to the collections for these purposes, writing checks directly to Merkos and Aguch. These Trustees have halachic, legal and moral obligations to act in a manner consistent with these objectives. There may be disagreements over specifics, signs, no signs, what they should say, who should appoint or elect Gabboim, ect., make no mistake, it is OUR SHUEL owned OUR organization and operated by individuals (regardless of title or political ilk) who serve the Rebbe and the Rebbe’s chassidim. Anyone who disagrees should leave Lubavitch (sheh b’Lubavitch).

  • 44. Don-t People Know? wrote:

    Abba Paltiel was called in once by Rabbi Hadokav and given the Rebbe’s instructions concerning having an election for gabboyim in 770. From what i understand he was told that the 770 shul does not belong to Crown Heights, it belongs to all of Lubavitch and therefore there should not be elections for gabboyim. Evertibe us wekcine ub 669.

    Also prior to Gimmel Tammuz, the gaboyim position was passed down from father to son. The elections were for Vaad Hakohol. After Rav Dworkin passed away there were elections for Rabbonim and the Rebbe said that these Rabbonim will be the Rabbonim until Moshiach comes. In other words, no more elections for Rabbonim will need to take place.

  • 45. ... wrote:

    The problem is that we know only a part of the story. If Rabbi Krinsky threw out the Gabboim he sure had a reason…

  • 46. AGUCH = the CHASSIDIM wrote:

    you can’t have it both ways. If The seforim belong to the chassidim because the Rebbe “belongs” to the Chassidim. That’s the Didan Notzach of Hei Teves, then,

    the very same applies to Bais Agudas Chassidei Chabad, 770 because , we the Chassidim are the members of and comprise Agudas Chassidei Chabad. The administrators of Aguch are NOT the owners of 770, they are (supposed to be) elected REPRESENTATIVES of the MEMBERS of AGUCH, who are the CHASSIDIM, and the owners.

    BTW, the Rebbe did make this equation, between the seforim and “the house” in the sichos spoken during the saga of the sefarim. (15 Tammuz, 5745, if I recall correctly)

  • 47. A new sign! wrote:

    Is it too much to hope that the offending sign will be replaced with one featuring a quote from the one and only R’ Yisroelik Shemtov, namely “Dis iz not a chicken market!”

  • 48. Izzy wrote:

    nothing will change because Aguch is in the hands of a bunch of AK who are loath to shake the boat and the gaboim & meshichistim will retain their strangle hold of 770 indefinitely.

  • 49. saw it myself wrote:

    Yeah #45 although some know the gabbai do corrupt things based on what a shliach says to do. Just refer to Cleveland.

  • 52. A Lawyer Responds wrote:

    It seems that many of those who speak, know nothing of the facts of the case.

    Neither Aguch nor Merkos brought the Gabboim into the case. The case started as an action by Merkos against vandals relating to the plaque. The Gabboim then ran to court involving themselves, claiming rights that were not in issue! Only then did Aguch respond by asserting its rights as owner of the shul since it purchased the building for the Rebbe Rayatz. If Lipskier and his crew had not run to court, none of this would have been an issue. Having claimed rights that belonged to Aguch, he started his own downfall, as the court has now found THREE separate times.

    Kudos to R. Osdoba for trying to seek a peacefull resolution. The ultimate resolution is in the hands of Aguch. Perhaps this will finally cause them to act as a real board acts and take the responsibility the Rebbe entrusted to them.

    I’m not holding my breath.

  • 53. NoYechi770Jerusalem wrote:

    A question to all the Yechi yodelers?

    Where does it say in Siddur Tehilas Hashem Yechi?
    It doesn’t,therefore you have no right to tamper with the nusach that the Alter Rebbe was misaken.
    Next why is it that at every possible moment ie.after every aliyah after chatzi kaddish of krias hatorah,after yehalelu & taking the torah back to the aron koidesh,between yayechulu & savri maranan of kiddush yechi must be said?
    Do you all say yechi after asher yotzar or before or after tasmish al hamita or before?
    The whole mantra business is getting sickening & is making a galechter from Lubavitch!!!!

    No Yechi in 770,
    A disgusted chosid in Yerushalayim Ir HaKoidesh

  • 54. Former wrote:

    My response to the whole mess was to just leave Lubavitch completely.

    What an embarrassment!


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