Before and After: Video footage reveals an open miracle.

MIRACLE: Boy, 8, Run Over By Van; Walks Away

Surveillance video obtained exclusively by reveals the open miracle that occurred yesterday, when an 8-year-old boy was run over by a van and walked away without any serious injuries.

The incident occurred yesterday, Sunday, on the corner of Albany Avenue and Montgomery Street. After viewing the video footage, which was captured by a neighbor’s surveillance system, it became clear just how lucky that young boy is to be alive.

In the video you can see the boy ride his scooter down Albany Avenue and come to a stop at the intersection, where he waits for the light. When it turns green, the boy proceeds across the street, while a white van makes a left turn from Albany onto Montgomery Street.

The boy was hit by the front of the van, which only stopped when a neighbor shouted at the driver, and proceeded to completely roll over the boy – miraculously missing him with the tires. The frightened boy then crawls out from under the rear of the van and runs to the sidewalk.


  • MY GOD

    what a lucky boy he was. the driver is completely innocent. the boy dashed in front at a second’s notice. no warning.

    • Right of Way

      A pedestrian ALWAYS has the right of way when crossing in a crosswalk (given that the light was green for him or her).

      In this case both the van and the boy were waiting for the green light, which means that the van was in the wrong for not yielding to the boy, and for taking the turn so fast.

      On the other hand, it is no use being right if you end up dead. Exercise caution, always look both ways, and even if your right it doesn’t mean you wont get hurt.

      B”H for this miracle! May we never need such miracles in the first place.

  • mendoza

    if the driver was white or a jew
    and the kid black
    the driver would be beaten up to a pulp
    and maybe dead
    because of black rage
    that `s how they deal with life happenings

    • Anonymous

      What does that have to do with anything? Why must you bring negativity into something positive?

  • A Driver

    Our children need to be taught better!

    I was driving today brooklyn today (my light was green) and there was a boy apprx. 8 years old that crossed the street on red without even looking in the direction of the cars.
    Thankfully both me and the driver driving the van next to me were able to slow down in time, and avoid a terrible accident!

  • a medical professional

    As a medical professional student (almost graduated), that adult who ran to the aid of the boy was COMPLETELY stupid for allowing the boy to move after being as the article says, “run over.” he should have waited until medical professionals looked him over

  • dear medical professional

    with todays technology moving at such a fast pace the studies and tests they can accomplish surely leave you and youre outdated education in the dust.
    The medical community should refrain from making personally insulting comments based on possibly outdated standards.