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Video of the Day – One Shabbat One World

BROOKLYN, NY [CHI] — An online video advertising the upcoming One Shabbat One World, a project of the Kinus HaShluchim, which is on Jan. 18 and 19. Featuring messages from boxing champ Dmitry Salita and actors Evan and Daryl Sabara. “When the sun goes down on Friday night, I go to my Chabad House,” says the undefeated Salita from the New York City gym where he practices.

“Come for a Shabbos experience you will never forget. It’s gonna be a knockout.” In his turn, Sabara, the star with twin brother Daryl Sabara of the “Spykids” series of movies, extols the virtues of Shabbat as a “message of peace and the world to come. We will be there and so should you.”


  • 1. reader wrote:

    Should Chabad be using famous people for promotion? Look what happened when Mattisyahu was promoted for Lubavitch. The actors in this film are not so strong in their Judaism-the names of some of their films pertain to non-Jewish celebrations.

  • 2. nechama wrote:

    looks like a men’s only event, i understand why websites for lubavitchers should not have pictures of women, but when trying to attract outsiders… no woman wants to come to an event if you don’t show that other women are involved

  • 4. nice idea, but the video... wrote:

    1) Why only men making kiddush and men dancing in the synagogue? Why not women lighting candles? That’s certainly as spiritual as kiddush–not to mention is one of the ten mivtzoim

    2) The vidoe is not that well done. The sound affects are weak. The actors don’t sound that excited (the it’s-gonna-be-a-knockout hand motions were really lame.) It didn’t make me say Yes! I want to hop right over to chabad!

    3) I hope the makers of the video are taking note of the comments for future reference.


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