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Video of the Day! – The myLight Contest Winner!

Mendy Pellin surprises the winner of the myLight Chanukah Contest.

The winner submitted a video clip entry to – The clip (along with 5 other clips) was shown on national television (Chanukah 07) with Governor Schwarzenegger.

More in the Extended Article!

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  • 3. Your Old Folks wrote:

    Mendel, welcome to the big league! You really deserve it, we’re so proud of you. Enjoy the iPod Touch!

    Gitti & Shrags, sorry:(. Anyway, you’re all fantastic and creative.

    Thank you Mendy Pellin for this wonderful opportunity to let the kids express themselves and to create masterpieces. We’re all enjoying the 8th Day cd.

  • 4. your uncle Yossi wrote:


    Keep on entering competitions! maybe you’ll keep on winning?

    Enjoy the Sichos from the Ipod touch!


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