• 2. Mish wrote:

    Wowie Zowie, The video of the day!! The video of the Year!!

    Shepping lots and lots of Nachas!!
    Keep up your holy work!

  • 3. Impressed wrote:

    Looks like a great camp. Impressed that you have done so much in such a short time. Hatzlacha. You should have an easy time with fundraising for all the wonderful things you do.

  • 7. #1 Supporter wrote:

    I’m so proud of my brother and sis-in-law, front page of crownheights.info, very impressive!Keep up the great work!

  • 8. a fellow Illinois Shliach wrote:


    We are proud of our dedicated Shluchim and the devoted staff from Lubavitch Girls High School – Chicago

  • 9. Levi wrote:

    wow, very nice!
    keep up the great work!
    oh and that little boy with pony tail is really cute!

  • 10. Supporter wrote:

    You Naperville shluchim are the real thing. Really dedicated to your shlichus with an emmes. It is to such people that I feel good donating!! Hashem should help you and make it easy for you with parnasa. Everyone out there… when you give to Naperville, Illinois (near Chicago) you can be sure it’s going for the right thing!!!!!!!!

  • 11. Shepping nachas! wrote:

    Looks like the campers had such a good time!! Keep up the good work!
    And kol hakavod to the counselors!


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