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Video from the last night of Simchas Bais Hashuaiva

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  • 2. Shmuli wrote:

    Thank you and thank you It sure does take a lot to pull off something like that and being someone who did not have the opportunity to dance as I wanted I really appreciate your courage and kindness.

    most of us go dance thinking of ourself or how we can go out of ourselves; bottom line is that it’s all about us. When someone can go to Simchas beis Hashoava thinking about others is impressing; taking pictyures for others to see, a video for others to celebrate. This tells us that real Chassidim still exist.

    And, I just want to thank you once again; it’s great what you do – keep it up.

  • 3. me wrote:

    you got the wrong night it’s motzei shabbos ( the second last night) not the last night


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