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Video: “If you could Save Somebody… How could you not do it?”

In a heart-rending and emotional video Rabbi Nosson Blumes of Crown Heights shares his story of being lead to make a great personal sacrifice – donating his kidney, to save the life of another. “If you could save somebody, save a family from such a tragedy… how could you not do it?” he asks.


  • 1. Mendel Goldstein wrote:

    Reb Nosson You are amazing!!!
    you are a real Mentch and a great example!
    i will also love to do it iy”h
    and save a life!!

  • 2. So touched wrote:

    So special! Kol hakavod! This brought me to tears. What a chessed to save someone , whom you don’t even know.
    What a tzaddik! May Hashem bless yjy in all areas . Your wife is blessed to have such a kind , special husband and a tzaddekes herself to have given her blessings to do it !!!!


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