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Video: “It’s not what you Teach, but how you Teach”

As snow kept steadily falling, students in Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim Montreal’ Pre-1a class enjoyed recess outdoors. Their teacher, Rabbi Yossi Wilansky, who has been a teacher for 38 years, got down on the ground and played with them. “It’s not what you teach, but how you teach it,” is his motto.


  • 2. The Rebbes Shliach wrote:

    We are so lucky he has chosen to do SHluchus through Chinuch

    A gem

    Lucky community

    Lucky children

  • 3. Zvi wrote:

    That’s amazing to see, and it’s so true to his character, He truly is a dugma chaya for all his peers and parents alike……Go Yossel!!!!

  • 5. sw22 wrote:

    he is a true mechanech, and a genuine mensch. Amazing. All it takes to be someone like that is to be a full mensch.
    *Rav Shalom Arush says: “Torah study that is done with insulting or degrading
    another gives power to the “dark side””.

  • 9. Mendy wrote:

    Rabbi wilansky was my teacher 32 years ago. He truly is one of a kind. Loves his students, and makes it such fun to be in school. He has such a chayus. He walks into school ready to do the most exciting thing in the world, spending a wonderful day with his students. A really exceptional teacher. I have only amazing memories of his class.

  • 12. Mendel wrote:

    He was my teacher when he was a bachur 44 years ago!

    He was caring creative and amazing. I still remember everything he taught, one of my best teachers!

  • 13. :) :) :) :) :) wrote:

    How absolutely adorable!
    What an incredible amazing Rebbe!
    If we had more like him, far fewer kids would end up ‘of the derech’
    All our kids today need is love, attention, warmth understanding and fun! and they get so little of any of that!:((
    I have the most tremendous respect and admiration for Rabbi Wilansky!
    Thank you for showing all of us such an example

  • 14. To No.10 wrote:

    Not happy with what exactly?
    A Rebbe who is totally there for his children that he teaches? In every which way possible?
    I cannot think of anyone who would be unhappy with a person doing this for his talmidim!
    Would actually love to hear what his father in law would say
    Personally if he was my son in law, I’d be the proudest mother in law going!! Halevai there were many more like him!

  • 16. To number 10 wrote:

    1st of all, y bring in rabbi hendel obm- the rov of mtl. For over 65 yrs. Into this? 2nd-
    How would you know that rabbi hendel – the rov wouldn’t approve of this. And why would you be so negative when everyone else so far are positive? WhY is this your reaction to something that everyone replied just terrific things about rabbi wilansky? It makes no sense in what you wrote. Please explain yourself!


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