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Video: Avraham Fried’s Homage to Chabad at HASC

At HASC’s A Time For Music 31 concert at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan, Avraham Fried performed one of his all time favorite classics – Boruch Habah – and the screens lit up with some inspirational images. See the video!


  • 3. ahavasyisroel wrote:

    from the Rebbe’s Sicha of Simchas Beis HaShoeiva 5712:
    “”When the Alter Rebbe went out of prison, he was inadvertently brought to the dwelling of a ‘Veltlicher Jew,’ where he was delayed for three hours. After a lengthy exchange with this Jew, the Alter Rebbe was compelled to promise him that he would debate his philosophy with three Veltlicher Jewish leaders.

    “When the Alter Rebbe was by one of these Gedolim, the discussion turned to the question of from what group Moshiach would be, Chassidic or Veltlicher, and the Alter Rebbe answered – ‘Moshiach will be a Veltlicher. Why? Because if he will be a Chossid the Veltlicher Jews will not want to go out of exile, but if he will be a Veltlicher, the Chassidim, who are kabolas-olniks, will anyway automatically accept him, since for them the main thing is to go out of exile.”

    The Alter Rebbe said that of the chossidim of his time, that they will automatically accept the Moshiach no matter who he is or which group he is from. But will we?


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