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Video: Car Window Left Open During ‘Cyclone Bomb’

When people discovered a car window left open during last weeks ‘cyclone bomb’, they saw the havoc it wrecked on the vehicles interior, so they took action and saved it from further harm.


    • 2. Indeed wrote:

      But what idiots leave their windows open… even in good weather? it’s CROWN HEIGHTS, people. Lock doors, windows, & never leave anything valuable in the car – even in the trunk (did they ever find that Sefer Torah?)

  • 3. Cholent Mit Kugel wrote:

    @3 ………..just maybe …………. the motor for the window burned out and the window could not be raised…..AND the owner couldn’t care less…… there’s a reason for everything. even your silly comment….. NOW ….. pleade go shovel the front of your house and put down some rock salt

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