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Video: Saluting the Hosting Capital of the World

Ahead of this years CTeen Shabbaton, a ‘thank you letter’ in the form of a video – with members of the CTeen headquarters – thank Crown Heights for being the Hachnosas Orchim capital of the world.

Dear Crown Heights,

You are the busy mother of four, eight, or ten.
The role model to our Joshua’s and Jeremy’s, our Jennifer’s and Jessica’s.
The humble balebuste who fuels both body and soul.
Your shabbos meal is our highlight.

You are the loyal chosid who cherishes the zchus of hosting the Rebbe’s guests.
The legendary shliach to 11213 / 11225 / 11203
and unsung Hachnosas Orchim champions.
You are Kan Tzivah Hashem Es Habrocha,
the hosting capital of the world.

Be it Tishrei. The Kinus. Yud Shvat. Gimmel Tammuz. CTeen Shabbaton. Campus Shabbaton.
You open your doors and hearts to us.
Welcoming—sharing the beautiful world of your home
and the peaceful light of Shabbos.
Thank you for your patience and time,
your warm meals, comfortable beds and genuine smiles.
In the merit of your holy shlichus hosting the Rebbe’s guests,
May you and yours be blessed with bonei chayei umezonei rivichei.

-Your Guest


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