Video: 4,000 Rabbis Walk into a Bar…

A Daily News reporter circled among the 4,000+ Chabad Rabbis posing for a group portrait in front of 770 on Sunday, and got a taste of some “Rabbi Humor.”


  • 3. wouldve been nicer wrote:

    if they would’ve said something inspiring about their life missions and a message t the world.

    seemed a little cheapening to what they stand for and are all about

  • 4. Local C.H. wrote:

    Judaism isn’t a joke. Rabbis aren’t clowns or comedians. Don’t turn them into them. A little self respect! Would a reporter dare to disrespect a Galach by asking him for a joke?! Suddenly it became a “style” that every rabbi needs to start his speech with a joke. Is that what businessmen or politicians do EACH TIME when they are making a speech?


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