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Video: Opioid Crisis Batters Orthodox Community

On a recent segment of the Fox 5 TV channel, the anchors discussed at length a problem that is often taboo – the opioid crisis affecting New York’s Orthodox-Jewish community.


  • 1. Judaism isn't the only religion out there wrote:

    Why was it so important for this news channel to focus on drug use, within frum jews, in particular?

    • 2. Shmuel Yakov wrote:

      I take it that you do not have a clue as to the severity of the problem within the frum community. We are not immune to drug use and to assume anything other wise, is just foolishness. It is people like yourself who should become educated about the problem. It’s NOT going to go away and will only become exacerbated by a lack education and the attempt to sweep it under the proverbial rug as this kind of attitude will on harbor.

  • 3. Class mate wrote:

    Here is The bias reporting
    First they interview a family from crown Heights. Then they take a clip of a statement that Gluck Says When he mentioned how many are affected
    So you may think it’s all in crown Heights! It’s not only in crown heights
    It’s All over But we Look bad
    That’s not fair reporting

  • 4. Moishe pipek wrote:

    Try to help people if you can’ do not worry so much about the fairness of the report.

  • 5. he also exaggerates wrote:

    He reports greater numbers than he can prove.
    It’s bad enough to have even one child nebach caught in this terrible trap, why does he have to inflate the numbers? I guess he is afraid he won’t get the funding he is looking for.. Bottom line it’s mostly about the money..
    too bad.
    He could do the same great work with reporting the actual truth..

    • 6. the numbers are real wrote:

      The numbers are real.
      Why do you doubt them? Most families that lose a kid etc to drug overdose are too embarassed to say what happened publicy. They pefer to say nothing. Sometimes “untimely death” “died in his sleep” etc are sometimes the nice way of spinning the reality of a drug overdose.


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