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Video: Not Your Typical Homeless Makeover

No matter who we are or what we do we have the ability to make a positive difference in the life of another. In his latest video, Meir Kay teams up with Dr. Daniel S. Rubinshtein, RichTheBarber and the kosher restaurant Bison and Bourbon. They set up shop in the heart of New York City and help out as many people as they can.


  • 4. Brooklyn wrote:

    I wish it was this easy to help everyone! I hope they had a place for him to live. This made me cry- so incredibly beautiful

  • 5. I was surprised wrote:

    I expected light, perhaps silly entertainment. This depicts genuine chessed and is really moving.

  • 10. shlomo wrote:

    some people ready to literally everything but not help to own fellow brother jew…..

  • 12. Get behind wrote:

    This is something a lot of people can get behind. You should put a price tag and allow people to sponsor more people to help them off the streets.

    P.S You probably learnt how to do this from Yiddishkeit, not lucuis. So you should stay true to your roots… it will help you be more authentic. .

  • 13. Uncomfortable. wrote:

    Something strange about this video: all this focus on one individual, personal grooming, clothes shopping, fancy restaurant food, etc. Basically a lot of personal, and selfish, aggrandizement with little substance. Seems very contrived and creepy (assuming its even real and not staged).

    • 14. This society wrote:

      Getting anywhere in life these days almost requires one to look presentable so it is very important. Food: the man probably had not eaten well in a while so that experience is appreciated. As you are not sponsoring it you cannot decide the menu.

  • 17. ahavasyisroel wrote:

    if someone asks if he can use milk for the 4 cups on Pesach, don’t just give him wine. Give him meat because he wouldn’t have any of that either. This video should get us thinking what can we do to really bring up someone who we see is almost all the way down.

  • 18. eli wrote:

    to #13
    Im with you.
    They set up in union square, find, and take care of ONE person. It also helps that he’s young and, surprisingly not a junkie or mentally unstable.
    Everyone leaves, including the barber and dentist after helping him.
    They walk out of clothing store and go for a bite to…bourbon in bison which is in williamsburg ( long walk from union square)
    We get these really nice take away of the logo of restaurant from the champagne glass. Nice product placement.
    And it all works out.
    Meir, i really like your style. I think you’re genuine. But please don’t turn your true fans into cynics, there’s already too much disillusionment with people that ‘care for homeless’, ‘deliver food and water to hurricane victims’ ( while wearing shabbos shoes and white starched shirts)
    stay real.


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