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Video: Rebbetzin Korf’s Levaya Arrives at L.E.C.

The funeral procession of Rebbetzin Rivka Korf, who passed away earlier today, arrives at the campus of Lubavitch Educational Center in Miami. The institution’s 1,000 students paid their last respects to the woman who — along with her husband Reb Avrohom Korf — built the school from a tiny Cheder into the formidable force for Jewish education it is today.


  • 2. Former Miamian wrote:

    When I was 15, mid 70’s, I had the z’chus to meet the Korf family for the first time. Chesed was like a must by the Rebbetzin. She told me to the effect that you don’t leave my house without having something to nosh. Subsequently, I had many occasions where I enjoyed a Sabbos or Yom Tov seuda by them.
    Now, the activities and successes of the Korf family should only skyrocket, Bli Gevul!


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