ULY Choir Performs at Siyum Harambam

A grand Sium Harambam celebration was held in United Lubavitcher Yeshiva for the Talmidim of the older grades. The event was emceed by Rabbi Y. Wolf.

Rabbi Y. Simpson shared with the Talmidim the history and background of how the Rebbe instituted Limmud Harambam. Rabbi Simpson emphasized the element of Hiskashrus involved with Limmud Harambam, as we are fulfilling our Rebbe’s wish.

The Siyum was made by Hatomim Avremel Berkowitz, one of the many 8th graders completing the cycle of Perek Echod Rambam.

The beginning of the new Rambam cycle was led by Rabbi M. Elberg. Rabbi Elberg spoke to the Talmidim about the first Halacha of the Rambam and how it relates to the Talmidim in a practical and relevant manner.

Rabbi Levy enthralled the Talmidim with a story of the Rambam. The Talmidim were inspired by The Rambam’s persistence in writing Seforim to help all Yidden, despite all the troubles pursuing him.

A choir of Talmidim of 6th grade, led by Fitche Benshimon, uplifted the crowd with lively Chassidishe nigunim.

The event concluded with words of inspiration from Tzivos Hashem Base Commander Rabbi Y. Teleshevsky who spoke about the practical application to be internalized from the inspiring event. Rabbi Teleshevsky encouraged the Talmidim to renew their commitment to Limmud Harambam, each Talmid on his own level, whether Sefer Hamitzvos, one Perek a day, or three Prakim a day. Many Talmidim resolved to learn the daily Sefer HaMitzvos from the Yahadus curriculum.


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