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Gad Elbaz Hits the Streets of Lod – ‘Just Like That’

In an age where weddings have become laden with costly extras, an all new video starring Israeli icon Gad Elbaz puts the spotlight back on the pure, unadulterated joy that is at the essence of every marital celebration.

With music by Elbaz and Cecelia Margulies, just like that is an energetic burst of whimsical exuberance, a celebration of the indescribable happiness that can barely be contained with the creation of yet another Jewish home. Set on the streets of Lod, just like that  strips away all of finery and fluff that have somehow become de rigueur at weddings and captures the soul of every marriage with an infectious track and fabulous choreography that may just become the new craze in the Jewish wedding scene.

A joint production of Sparks Next and Olam Media, directed by Daniel Finkelman and produced by Aharon Orian, just like that  encapsulates the true joy of a wedding with a sound that is simultaneously ageless and contemporary and a universal message of genuine simcha that touches the heart.


  • 1. Crazy wrote:

    it sounds like goyish music.. I dont even get the message it has… Al his other songs are at least normal… Like Hashem melech, esh shel moshiach etc they at least have a message….. This is useless

  • 5. The message is the Talmudik statement "Kaitzad Merakdin Lifnai Hakalah" wrote:

    The message is the Talmudik statement “Kaitzad Merakdin Lifnai Hakalah” It’s not my style however it was meant for people who don’t listen to only nigunai Chabad…No need to knock him, he’s actually bringing Yiddishkeit to many many kids (by the way, do you have even a clue how many “Lubavitcher” kids are listining to Goyishesongs including Kol Isha r”l???, I think you need a reality check! Halvay they would only listen to Gad Elbaz instead!)

  • 6. Simply powerful message wrote:

    It’s a different style but the message is deep and powerful. I think they are trying to bring into focus the simple ikar of a wedding and marriage to be misamayach the chosson and kallah and for them to have the brocha to build a family and to unfocus the ostentatiousness of weddings. It’s clear.

  • 7. שירה wrote:

    השיר דווקא ממש חמוד באופן אישי אני לא מתה עליו כי יש לגד מוזיקה הרבה יותר טובה ואיכותית אבל פה הוא לא בא להביא את הלהיט הבא רק הוא בא לבהיר משו שנהיה מובן מאליו לאחרונה שחתונה בפחות מ150 דולר למנה זנ לא מספיק יוקרתי ולא מספיק חוץ מזה שכשאני שומעת את המוזיקה שלו שום מוזיקה לועזית אחרת לא יכולה לעלות על זה ובלעדיו באמת היינו בצרות יש לו זכות שהרבה יהודים שומעים אותו ולא מוזעקה יהודית

  • 8. shira wrote:

    the song is realy cute im not saing its not some of his best songs his music its much better but the point here is the messege of the weddings that pepole doing today i realy like gads masic and i think that thankes to him a lot of jewish arent listening to a goish music even me when im listening to his music nothing else matter


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