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Video: Safe Falls on Gabbai, Emerges Unscratched

This morning, the large safe serving as the Aron Kodesh of the Belzer Shteibel in Boro Park fell on top of the Shul’s Gabbai, trapping him inside. Firefighters worked feverishly to extract him, and miraculously, he emerged without a scratch.


  • 1. BH wrote:

    BH he is OK and the FDNY guys had a good laugh.
    They will be talking about this on for years to come :)

  • 6. Thank you Hashem & to His messengers in the FDNY wrote:

    May Hashem always protect them from harm and bless them with much revealed health and success

  • 8. Yankel Todres wrote:


    Ideally a safe should be bolted down, as a security measure. (To keep thieves from carting it out on a dolly.) That would have prevented the tip-over too!

    PS. Of course this miraculous escape should serve as a wake up call to other Shuls. They must make sure that their safes aren’t prone to tipping when the doors are open.

  • 9. What? wrote:

    He jumps out and runs? No thank you to the fireman who worked hard on getting him out no nothing?!


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