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Video: Carpool Karaoke with 8th Day

While visiting Los Angeles, Meir Kalmanson bumped into 8th Day and took them for a ride around, singing their hit songs and spreading their music throughout the streets of L.A.


  • 1. Ch'er wrote:

    Teaching kids / adults to walk out without paying for their merchandise. Hhmmm. Seriously !!!

  • 2. Ch'er wrote:

    O the other hand. Awesone pr. Playing on the streets the new Album. Love it. Chazak guys.

  • 4. to #2 wrote:

    ur so funny. In many movies they don’t show the actor’s every single move. Obviously the film maker or writer expects you to understand that he paid.
    UNLESS he emphasized the fact that he didn’t and someone or he himself would’ve mentioned i forgot or na who cares. Then you have every right to say that.

  • 5. M wrote:

    I think this Meir Kay guy is a little too much. Every week another video and I think he thinks he’s funnier than he really is.

  • 7. eli wrote:

    my 5 year old son watched this seven times! thank you for providing kosher entertainment for the children of today!


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