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8th Day Releases New Single – ‘Moses In Me’

The struggles of daily life are compared to “Pharaoh knocking at my door” in this latest music video starring Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus of 8th Day. But each and every one of us has “a little bit of Moses in me,” able to overcome and persevere.


  • 2. somethings teribly wrong!? wrote:

    why put this message in basketball? why do they b’davkeh put in shtus? why does everything theese days have to be like the goyim?

    • 3. why look so badly at everything ? wrote:

      they took kedusha and out in to such gashmius!

  • 5. 2 wrote:

    is that why the Rebbes first question on visiting Gan Izzy was where was that basketball courts?

    dont be so quick to be negative especially if its baseless

  • 6. what's your problem wrote:

    That’s how we teach people in our days if you don’t like it don’t watch these videos

  • 7. Nice, but wrote:

    Nice video like all the 8th day videos, but there ain’t much particularly Jewish about it, and to say that the Moses in me, is all about realizing that I have the strength to win basketball games and business deals, is majorly watered down to say the least. We are off message here.8th day, you guys have alot of toichen, please bring it back where the themes in the song match the message you are bringing out.

  • 8. Its good athough wrote:

    8th Day is amazing, they have catchy tunes and have had great hits, but when u compare their first songs like ‘shabbos now’ to their song they make now, their music is sounding a little off.
    in my opinion it sounds goyish, Although it has a great message, it sounds VERY GOYISH.
    They both have amazing voices and i dont understand why they are using it for songs that dont even sound like yid made it.


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