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Video: A Tribute to the London School of Jewish Song

Yigal Calek and The London School of Jewish song are perhaps one of the most iconic and nostalgic groups in Jewish Music history. For over 35 years we have danced and sang to these beautiful tunes. Now, The A-Team Orchestra has teamed up with superstar Shloime Daskal, and The Shira Choir, to bring you a collection of some of the most well-known songs of the groups past like never heard before with the stunning arrangements by Avremi G.


  • 1. yigal Calek wrote:

    Good to here these songs I sang as solo many times in London for the choir in mid to late 1970.

    • 2. Shlomo wrote:

      Wow! Curious to know which soloist you are? Being from London, I was a big fan growing up.

  • 4. Anonymous wrote:

    Will there be some discs of this…
    BTW- they were the only ones that had the Lubavitcher shoshanas yaakov…was great
    Great music.

  • 5. a fan wrote:

    When will there ever be a complete re-release of all the london school tapes?
    What about a total redo with A-team and Avremy G?


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