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Music Video: Hu Bachayim – Didan Notzach

In celebration of 30 years since Hey Teves, the Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus shares the following music video titled ‘Hu Bachayim, Didan Notzach,’ featuring singer Boruch Sholom Blesovsky and the students of Lubavitcher Yeshiva – Crown St.

Hu Bachayim, Didan Notzach
T.T.T.O. Didan Notzach March (S. Bruchshtat)

Composed & written by Shlomo Sternberg
Musical Arrangements and recording by
Vocals: Baruch Sholom Blesofsky & Talmidim of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva
Original tune by Sholom Bruchshtat

It started as a story how the Sforim of Lubavitch,
Were stolen from their natural home and true identity,
In contrast to what’s seen in any prior courts decisions,
The judge proclaims that they belong in 770

Hu Bachaim, Didan Notach,
So Zaro Bachaim, Didan Notzach,
The Rebbe, Chasidim and the Sforim are all one, Didan Notzach

The Rebbe’s relieved from a pain so strong,
Chasidim were dancing a whole week long,
Didan Notzach was more than a song,
It proclaims the Rebbe’s victory,
With confidence and certainty,
For all of eternity!


In truth it is the story of the essence of Lubavitch,
The accusation dared to challenge the eternity,
Of a Rebbe’s life, his directives and his teachings,
World and heaven both agreed – proclaimed with clarity

Hu Bachaim, and he’s giving us Chayus,
So we are alive and we have the Achrayus,
To learn his Chasidus and devote our heart and soul,
To bring the Geula is our goal

In our day, as the Rebbe we can not see,
A challenge un-met in our history,
Yet DIDAN NOTZACH , it’s as clear as it can be,
The Rebbe and Lubavitch are alive and well, they’re here to stay,
Growing strong from day to day!


  • 8. Baruch Goldman wrote:

    Sounds like a camp song. Some of these lyrics make no sense.

    “Hu Bachaim, Didan Notach, So Zaro Bachaim, Didan Notzach,” for example, is a backwards statement.

    • 9. Yudi Mandel wrote:

      It is backwards.
      ויכל יעקב לצות את בניו ויאסף רגליו אל המטה ויגוע ויאסף אל עמיו
      רש”י במקום מביא את דברי רבי יוחנן בתענית “…הכי אמר רבי יוחנן: יעקב אבינו לא מת. – אמר ליה: וכי בכדי ספדו ספדניא וחנטו חנטייא וקברו קברייא? – אמר ליה: מקרא אני דורש, שנאמר (ירמיהו ל’) ואתה אל תירא עבדי יעקב נאם ה’ ואל תחת ישראל כי הנני מושיעך מרחוק ואת זרעך מארץ שבים, מקיש הוא לזרעו, מה זרעו בחיים – אף הוא בחיים


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