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Patriots Hold Moment of Silence for Jewish Terror Victim

Massachusetts native Ezra Schwartz HYD, who was murdered by a Palestinian Terrorist last week, was honored by his hometown New England Patriots with a moment of silence by the team and some 60,000 fans Monday night.

Schwartz, a yeshiva student from Sharon, Massachusetts was laid to rest on Sunday, three days after he and two other people, were gunned down in a Palestinian terror attack in Gush Etzion, just south of Jerusalem, last Thursday.

While it took the United States and President Obama some three days to condemn the terror attack in Israel which claimed the life of the 18-year-old, the New England Patriots held a moment of silence at the first opportunity – Monday night football.

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  • 2. Melbourne Obsever wrote:

    He was murdered in Israel, not merely ‘abroad’. Was this to politically incorrect to mention?

    • 5. Anonymous wrote:

      Because 1) The NFL can’t make a political statement. They exist for football for the masses. Since many don’t share our opinions on who’s right and wrong in the middle east, the NFL certainly wasn’t going to choose a side right there and then. This was to honor a fan who was killed.

      2) On the same point, should they have elaborated, they risked boos and negativity from the audience during the moment of silence.

      It may not be what we wanted, but I think they made the right decision and we should appreciate the gesture.


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