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Video of the Day – Dmitriy Salita Interviewd

World Trans News the leading Europe sport news program did a featured story about Dmitriy Salita, with extensive insight into his religious observation and his relationship with R. Zalman Liberow director of the Chabad House of Flatbush.


  • 3. parent of young children wrote:

    very nice & inspiring for us
    But I don’t think that this belongs on a Lubavitch website that young elementary school students are watching. I’m referring to his performance with Matisyahu in his boxers.
    Can you please take this off?

  • 4. Fan wrote:

    I know Dmitiry personally and he is a class act and inspiration to many people world wide. He is transforming a non Jewish profession into Kidush Hashem.

  • 6. Flatbush Fan wrote:

    Gr8 interview. What an inspiration. Demitry is one heck of a chosid let me tell you. Keep it up, and Webby thanks for posting.

    Wow is that Liberow? Finally, can he be mellowing abit;) ?. Sounded very proffesional and more in sync with today. I like that.

  • 7. to parent of young children wrote:

    officially, “young elementary students” shouldn’t be on the internet.

    very nice video.

  • 9. Your Security Detail and Devorah L. wrote:

    TEFF-lin haha! rofl ~~~~ I heard that too…

    Dmitry way cool and what an inspiring interview…kiddush lubavitch too… we can raise many different folks here these days….keep it up…

    oh and Liberow did sound way more chilled…I think he’sbeen hangin round Demitry and Chevra which may actually have a positive effect on him LOL.
    Kidding R.Zalmen but keep it up and be good!

  • 10. Simcha wrote:

    Great video the internet is not a place for young boys. It’s a very good video.

  • 11. inspired wrote:

    Great video and great kiddush hashem!
    What an inspiration, even to us frum people to see his dedication to becoming frum and not to do anything on Shabbos!
    Way to go Dima!


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