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Video: Argument over Kapparos Gets Heated


  • 1. Non-Sense wrote:

    Tell them to do they’re research 1st the way their shechted it doesn’t feel anything and 2nd we don’t throw them in the garbage it goes to the poor!.

  • 2. Eli Weisel wrote:

    To the Idiot who calls antisemitism and worse than Hitler:
    That is a disgrace to all the people who dies in the Holocaust by using :antisemitism and Hitler for this. Is that your answer for everything? I got a parking ticket: Anti Semitesm. Etc…

  • 3. annoyed wrote:

    stop playing the nazi/hitler card. it cheapens the holocaust. people who want to protest kapores are not worse than the man (and his cohorts) who wanted to wipe all yidden off the earth.

  • 5. It Needs to Stop wrote:

    I think the frum commuity must take a very strong hand against the use of Hitler. It cheapens the Holocaust, and it makes the Nazies look good. The reasoning is as follows:if a person who is demenstrating against killing an animal is as bad as Hitler then Hitler was not that bad, or if Jews call out on something so trivial that happnes in everyday life as Nazisim than maybe Nazis are not that bad.

  • 6. GadolHador wrote:

    Those yiddim who are protesting the kaparos are nothing at all like the Nazis or Hitler. Making such comparisons is absolutely pathetic and ridiculous. How shameful!

  • 7. Leah wrote:

    What an idiot! When will the Crownheighters learn to just plain IGNORE the protesters? This is why they come – to get into heated arguments with you!

    And to the bigmouth who compares these people to the Nazis, shame on you! You clearly are ignorant and uninformed of the true atrocities that befell our ancestors only a few decades ago.

  • 8. Insult to Holocaust wrote:

    Why are people who are peacefully expressing their opinion worse than Nazis?
    Nazi killed and tortured more than 6 million Jews, are you aware of that?
    How can you say that these,perhaps bored, yet peaceful people are worse than Nazis?
    You insult holocaust victims and survivors when you throw such statements around!

  • 10. not ok wrote:

    no normal human is worse to to mention as bad as hitler yemach shemo they are wrong for telling us we can’t use chickens but seriously…

  • 11. Levi Jacobson wrote:

    I think it’s perfectly fine to compare these people’s behavior to the nazi’s. they are publicly protesting against jewish customs and religious acts – anti-semitism. and the Nazis were also into animal rights but failed to have respect for human rights, which is exactly what these people are doing. and i agree that they did not do what hitler did. but they are definitely causing something like the holocaust to god forbid happen again, and the reason why they are worse than hitler is because, these people are Jews and they are publicly protesting what their brethren are doing in the name of their religion and Jewish beliefs.
    If you can’t compare this to Nazism then what can you compare to it? are you waiting for something terrible to happen? only then will you use the holocaust as an example?
    we must stand up for our rights and our Jewish beliefs and anyone that stands up against it, is in a direct offense against Judaism, just the same way the Nazis were before they began to kill Jews. this is the way it all started. think about it… and no, it’s not like saying that when u get a parking ticket its called anti-semitism. its more like saying that if we don’t stand up against this, we will soon be getting tickets for the illegal act of slaughtering animals according to Jewish law.

  • 12. Milhouse wrote:

    #7, GadolBe’einav once again proves that he’s an impostor, by using the non-existent word “yiddim”. No actual yid would use such a word.

    And all those worried about cheapening the Holocaust should direct their outrage at these protestors, who consider the slaughter of chickens exactly the same as the slaughter of Jews. Check out who they are, and what their agenda is; they are the same ones who protest outside KFC, and compare Purdue to Hitler.

  • 13. Milhouse wrote:

    #8, Most Nazis were non-violent too. A comparison between these people and Nazis doesn’t have to mean the ones who actually shot our relatives and put them in ovens; it can mean the “peaceful” Nazis who merely boycotted Jewish stores and called the Gestapo when they suspected Jews were hiding somewhere, but wouldn’t hurt a fly themselves.


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