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Video: Fox News Discusses Rubashkin Appeal

A documentary filmmaker and the defense attorney for Sholom Rubashkin appear on Fox News to discuss why they believe the U.S. Supreme Court should agree to hear Rubashkin vs. United States.


  • 1. Long overdue wrote:

    This documentary and news coverage of it is long overdue.
    If this had been done from the beginning when it was under the original appeal or even while it was on trial in the lower courts. This would have influenced the judges, and they would have been more reserved to be so harsh on Sholom Rubashkin.

    May hashem send Sholom Rubashkin a complete yeshua and for all yidden.

  • 2. Land of the Free? wrote:

    Did you know that the United States has the largest criminal population per capita in THE WORLD?

    1 out of every 142 Americans is actually in prison, and what’s even more shocking, 1 out of every 32 of Americans is either in prison or on parole.
    This means that 6.7 million Americans are now part of America’s prison system. That’s more than 3 percent of Americans!

    This is a unbelievable statistic that must be publicized. It is in part a result of extreme sentencing that Rubashkin is a victim of.

    If enough people were aware of this there would be a overwhelming outcry and the Government will be forced create oversight on the Justice system.

  • 3. Best to remain anonymous wrote:

    Lord, Please, Please make the upper echelons of politics and justice release the Rabbi and the other Jews who are in prison now, let them all come out of prison and be free… In this time of freedom of Torah expression, we are in the month of Geula, Redemption… Let’s raise the four koisim (cups) to the liberation of these and other people… Yehi Ratzon (take it away Cantor Teshelevsky)

  • 4. Been in the justice system wrote:

    Publicity never helped ANY accused person get a better result at trial. High profile cases simply make the judges more careful to cover themselves with detailed reasons and an “appearance” of fairness. The judges are smart enough to do that, but it doesn’t help the accused.

  • 5. Another statistic to note wrote:

    Another statistic to note is since the Rabashkin case and the NJ and Boro Park sentences for money laundering there seems to be a voluntary freeze on Hasidic financial misdealing’s.

  • 6. Be careful what you wish for wrote:

    #5 -You want to let all the Jews out? OK but you better protect your wallet.

  • 7. From the heart wrote:

    The Supreme Court did not agree to hear his appeal today! Does this mean he will spend the rest of his life in prison?
    For what?
    He was not a violent offender, had no criminal history, and was convicted only of financial crimes. Sending him to jail for 27 years makes as much sense as locking up half the familes around here because they are a little liberal with rules on Section 8 housing. It makes no sense. Financial crimes are not as serious as violence. The punishment does not fit the crime!

  • 8. Milhouse wrote:

    #1, Sholom’s conviction was a travesty, but that doesn’t mean the criminals in prison don’t belong there. Yes, the USA has a high imprisonment rate, because it has a large number of people who have a high propensity for violent crime. If they were not locked up they would be victimising others. Locking them up is how we keep the crime rate as low as it is. Don’t fall for false equivalence and imagine that they’re all innocent like Sholom.


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