Music Video: Open Up

This all-new music video, starring Jewish singing star Gad Elbaz, was filmed at Borough Park’s Breadberry, a modern kosher supermarket that has become a favorite of customers of all types. ‘Open Up,’ an original composition by Elbaz, is an upbeat and lighthearted reminder that all the goodness in our lives, even the food that we eat, is a divine gift to be treasured.

Directed and produced by Danny Finkelman, ‘Open Up’ is a collaboration between Clive NY and Sparks Next, choreography by Zvika Bornstein, with executive producer Sam Schlesinger.


  • 1. Ilana N wrote:

    I love love love this music video. Cant stop watching it!
    Kudos to all that were involved

  • 6. rivkah wrote:

    how low did our music go?
    enough with this type of music!
    why are children part of this? why promote this music to our precious children? never mind adults!!
    with this style music ,we are lowering our standards!! we stand higher than that.
    the words may have meaning, however, it means nothing when such music plays with it.
    I am not only referring to this clip,i am referring to all such “jewish” music


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