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Video of the Day – Weekly Living Torah Video Clip

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Posner relates how at a 1940’s Farbrengen, the Rebbe taught a lesson in Avodas Hashem (divine service) from the game of chess.

Also on Living Torah this week:

*A Jew must positively influence his non-Jewish colleagues as well. *Shacharis, Yud Shevat 5726/1966. *Good things come from a world inspired.

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  • 4. CHT wrote:

    Reshevsky was one of the greatest chess players ever, however he never was world champion, contrary to what R’ Posner said. He was US champion and beat some world champions but not in the championship tournament.

  • 5. a reader wrote:

    Sammy Reshevsky was also a child prodigy in chess when he was a kid. This segment was very neat. Thanks for posting it as I wanted my mom to see it (he used to stay at her house when he was visiting her town)


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