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Fox 5 News Profiles ‘Ezras Noshim’ Volunteers

Fox 5 News did a video profile of the all-female Orthodox Jewish EMT volunteers corps Ezras Nashim, which formally launched yesterday (Tuesday) in Borough Park.

Ezras Nashim’s much ballyhooed launch on Tuesday follows years of grit and determination by the group’s founder Rachel Freier.

“We’re juggling jobs, children, housework, holidays…we can do everything except become EMTs? C’mon guys, there’s something wrong here,” Freier said on the eve of Ezras Nashim’s launch, reported VIN News.

Freier said that the group’s long range plans included branching out to other towns and cities and even Israel.

Please Note: The following video contains images that may not be appropriate for the viewing of men and boys. Watch at your own discretion.


  • 1. Refreshing note wrote:

    Thanks for the warning! Will we be seeing it before each post about a dinner, trip, campus event, Friendship circle, JLI, Birthright etc?
    Or will the photos be censored? Or just maybeeeee the coordinators of those events will start to write on the invites that the event will have separate seating and please respect the event will modest attire?

  • 2. Proofreader wrote:

    I hope that they are better EMTs than they are users of English. Their sign should say and ITS founder (without an apostrophe)!

  • 3. annoyed wrote:

    excuse me, but Rachel Frier was not the founder.
    She started as the group’s lawyer. somehow, the whole organization came under her control.

    daughter of the REAL founder

    • 4. moishie wrote:

      if what you are saying is true, then sign your name. BTW, I went through something very similar. Don’t worry, tell your mom she will get her s’char upstairs!

  • 5. Anonymous wrote:

    Why is this video inappropriate for men and boys?Because the newswoman is sleeveless?So it’s ok for men in Hatzolah to deliver babies but they can’t see a woman sleeveless?

  • 6. ???what??? wrote:

    what on earth is so inappropriate for men or boys?? am I watching the wrong video??

  • 8. TorahYid wrote:

    There is mamish nothing inappropriate about this video. There is everything kosher about these women providing this service. Such a mitzvah!

  • 9. The Satan wrote:

    Thank you commenters. I live for your negativity MWAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAA

  • 11. thanks for being responsible wrote:

    It seems like we have become desentisized. Any woman not dressed 100% k’halacha, is assure for a boy to see. Period. Its not a discussion. If you have a question, call your rav!

  • 13. to #10 wrote:

    do you ever go out doors?? and if you do, do you wear a blindfold???


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