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Video: Child Narrowly Avoids Being Run Over by Bus has obtained hair-raising footage from the driver of a Crown Heights school bus, which depicts the moment a 2-year-old child ran across the street as the massive bus was barreling towards him.

Thankfully, the bus driver noticed the toddler and was able to stop in time, after which the child’s frantic mother ran across the street and retrieved him.

Editor’s note: The time stamp on the video is erroneous. The footage was actually captured yesterday, May 6, 2014.


    • 2. hat_glasses_beard wrote:

      Because by the time she came into the st the bus was stopped what seems like ~3 car lengths from where her kid was.

      Had the kid ran out 5 sec later it would have been much closer. If the speedbump had not been there it may have been even closer!

      If someone was bothering the bus driver and he was not looking for just a moment, had the kid ran out a few sec later, had the bump not been there… far to many variables to easily go wrong. Watch your kids parents.

  • 6. CHAIM wrote:


    • 7. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      You miss the point.

      The point is a kid running in to the street. Whether there is a car; a bus; a truck or maybe an air plane, is irrelevant.

  • 8. declasse' intelectual wrote:

    Wake up and get real. the big problem with the bus is the weight and the momentium it has going. It take far longer distance to stop then a car at the same speed even at twenty miles an hour!!!!

  • 9. bus driver wrote:

    the issue is not the bus its the child is not being watched
    please watch your children

  • 10. What is the big deal you ask? wrote:

    The big deal is the bus weighs a lot. The kid does not. If it would have hit the kid would not be alive. Parents have to keep an eye on kids like a hawk. If that was my child a good slap on the hand would have been in order.

  • 13. bus driver wrote:

    the bus was going fast to rescue the kid…be for a car pass the bus .. and you know the end result would be

  • 14. The twins wrote:

    Bais rivkah has awesome bus drivers , thank u for driving our children safely !!!

  • 15. To #10 wrote:

    BH my parenting skills are find. A slap on the hand is ok. Hitting is not the answer but yes a slap on the hand is ok. There is more abuse happening in this community with our children. BH all my children have respect for themselves and others. They say please and thank you. They open the doors for people. They help make sure that a mother with her stroller gets help down the stairs. So I actually think my parenting skills are in order.

  • 17. idiots wrote:

    To all those who think this is not a big deal. Please go have your brains checked out. Thank God for looking after this child and making sure the bus wasn’t a few seconds closer. (just btw, the angle of the camera is very wide, which makes the bus look like it’s further away and going faster, like the backup cam on your car…. don’t judge)

    The driver did the right thing in posting this video. watch your children, teach them not to go into the street.

    • 21. Like I replied to the other person. wrote:

      My kids are not abused. They will however get a slap on the hand when they do something dangerous. My kids are good kids and do understand right and wrong. Everyone has to stop instantly telling everyone they are bad parents. BH my kids are kids with midos and are nice and respectful. I promise you that they did not get it from school they got it from home.

  • 22. never underestimate a runaway child wrote:

    I have a few children and our two year old has run in to the street a few times. No matter how well you watch your children they can run away for a second. Please do not judge the mother.

  • 23. It's called chinuch wrote:

    Shlomo Hamelech said it best: “The parent who withholds his stick hates his child.” Very strong language from the wisest man whoever lived. It means that there are times, few and far between, when a potch is not only appropriate, it is the ONLY correct measure. A mother who does not potch her child when he does something potentially deadly misses a crucial opportunity. It is the chance to let the child know that the dangerous behavior he just did should be associated with PAIN. You can’t explain to a two year old that running in the street might get him killed, ch”v. He doesn’t understand killed. But he does understand “Mommy potched me really hard and it hurt and I don’t want that again so I’ll stick to the sidewalk next time.” And if you only hit your child in extreme situations, and not just every time you are in a bad mood, that potch will mean something.

    • 24. never underestimate a runaway child wrote: wrote:

      I wanted to write that as well though I did not have the right words. Well put


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