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Weekly Living Torah: Singing Niggun Yifrach Beyomov

At a Farbrengen Chassidim sing niggun Yifrach Beyomov, which was complied for the Rebbes 71st birthday.

“In his days may the righteous flourish, with much peace until the moon is no more.” (Psalms 72:7) Chassidim sing a niggun composed for the Rebbe’s seventy-first birthday.

6 Tishrei, 5743 – September 23, 1982

From Living Torah Volume 126 Program 503


  • 1. Bocher wrote:

    What a priceless Zechus to be present in a farbrenguen and see the Rebbe in fleshy eyes!!! May all of us have the Zechus of seeing him back soon!

    • 3. Poor Translation wrote:

      It is a literal and poor translation from Hebrew/Yiddish.

      “Liros es malkeinu b’enei bosor” or “Tzu zehn dem Rebbe mit flieshe eigen”

      Essentially its to see the Rebbe with our eyes, not just knowing that he is there b’ruchniyus.


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