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Video: Attempted Kidnapping of 7-Year-Old Jewish Girl

Last night, a 7-year-old Jewish girl playing outside in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Kensington was confronted by a middle aged man, who grabbed her by the hand and asked her to get into a double parked car, according to a few witnesses.

Boro Park Shomrim recieved a frantic call from neighbors of what they claimed to be an attempted kidnapping.

911 was called, and it took the NYPD more than 1 hour and 10 minutes to arrive, according to neighbors on the block.

At this time, the police have no leads.


  • 1. Anon wrote:

    “We didn’t call police right away.”
    “20 minutes”
    “30 minutes”

    The police aren’t mind readers. They can’t show up if you don’t call them. Is this over an hour after the incident or from the time of call? The article says an hour and 10 minutes yet this girl and her friend are direct witnesses, on video, noting the time which is significantly less than what you posted and then it just becomes vague. “Whatever” is not precise.

    There is also no time confirmation – did they look at a watch, a cell phone? If you’re going to point fingers at police, at least come up with some solid testimony.

  • 3. Memories . . . wrote:

    Thank G-d they were there!!
    I dread to think what could have happened c”v, had those 2 girls not been there at the time he attempted to take her into the his car;
    Awful memories come to mind . . . Im sure we all think of the same story . . .
    Parents WATCH your kids, dont let them be on the sidewalks alone, NO MATTER what time of day it is . . . it only takes 2 minutes for anything to happen r”l

  • 4. hi wrote:

    when was 911 calles the girls on the video didnt call the police till like 40 mins later hear her friend correcting her saying longer then 30 mins beefor the called 911 they call shoimrim 1st

  • 5. to . Anon wrote: wrote:

    It’s all public record when 911 recived the call, and when they arived.

    Let’s see

  • 9. to # 1 wrote:

    police were called right away it took the police over a hour to show up

  • 11. beware!!! wrote:

    based on the description it sounds like a person ive seen hanging around crown heights and following bais rivka girls walking to school. beware and have your girls be attentive to their surroundings.

  • 12. frustrated with nyc 911 wrote:

    I called 911 this morning for a *SUSPICOUS* pickup truck with no front or rear lic. Plate. A black dispatcher said b\c vehicle is unoccupied = “no emergency” and *hung up*.

  • 13. watchful eye wrote:

    this guy that attempted kidnapping of a girl in borough park was seen again in borough park at 5:30pm today Friday 4/20/12 apprently he is up for no good i hope he is stopped before he hurts someone. the shomrim was called and the guy is being followed he was walking on 45th street between 17th and 18th avenue have a safe shabbos


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