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Weekly Living Torah Video: Performance More Important

This week’s Living Torah video is a very interesting clip from a farbrengen with the Rebbe in the early ’80s: From the lively singing, including a choir from Morocco singing ‘Tzivot Hashem,’ to the fellow responding to The Rebbe’s comment that performance is more important then understanding.


  • 1. Woodstock! wrote:

    They guy in the brown jacket looks like he just returned from the ’69 concert. Aha, hoo-ha!

  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    Anyone know who that guy is? What the Rebbe said to him was very specific, I wonder what the story is.

  • 3. No Woodstock wrote:

    He certainly does not look like a Woodstock hippy.
    That’s a very nice brown blazer he has…

    • 4. Indeed Woodstock! wrote:

      I think # one’s comment wasn’t about the brown blazer, it was the overall late 60’s early 70’s appearance. He looks like Chip Monck… “Aha, hoo-ha… Performance!”


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