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Music Video: The Reveal

Just in time for Purim 2014 comes “The Reveal,” an all new music video that takes a giant leap forward in Jewish cinematography, turning back the clock to the golden age of cinema – the 1920s. Starring Lipa Schmeltzer and Ari Lesser, along with Zvika Bornstein as none other than Charlie Chaplin, The Reveal takes a look back in time at Purim of the past in order to drive home an important lesson.

“There is a famous Jewish law that if you read the Megilla backwards, you are did not fulfill the mitzvah of Megilla,” explained producer and director Danny Finkelman.  “The Chasidic interpretation of that statement is that if you think the story of Purim is something that happened back in the day, then you have missed the whole point of Purim.  Just like G-d’s name isn’t mentioned in the Megilla, but his presence can be felt throughout the story of Purim, so too, G-d continues to be with us today, every day of our lives.”

Featuring an original composition by Cecelia Margules and music by Ruli Ezrachi, The Reveal has a distinctly retro feel, enforcing the timelessness of Purim and all that it teaches us.

“Maybe we don’t feel G-d’s presence in our everyday lives or maybe we only feel that connection on Yom Kippur at Neilah, but it is there, every single day,” says Lipa.

A fun, feel good video that embodies the true spirit of Purim and emphasizes its eternal relevance, The Reveal is a Sparks Next production.


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  • 1. Yossi G. 11213 wrote:

    Ari Lesser is teaching a HORRIBLE message.
    Get black out drunk??


  • 6. CH Resident wrote:

    What a shame …such potential… here we are about to enjoy a Yom Tov so special…. why do we have to put in so much “not Jewish stuff” :(

  • 7. A Critic wrote:

    A poor excuse for music, Jewish or otherwise. I’m generally not an Ari Lesser fan, but his performance was the only half decent thing in this mess.

  • 9. children wrote:

    UNBELIEVABLY sad video to watch. …and so sad to watch our future children involved in such a disgrace and waist of much time and money! rather use all this money for the less fortunate families in our community and make for them a true simchas purim!

  • 12. puking wrote:

    this makes my stomach turn and my heart hurt the insidious environment of your college courses which were not necessary for your parnossah is beginning to have its effects. this is not the purim yom kippur message i am seriously frightened for us all and the impressionable youth especially to be exposed to this garbage. the boys dont even have obvious yarmulkahs when they lift their hats. please rethink……you obviously are blessed with talent please please use this gift for the better.

  • 14. Wholly inappropriate message wrote:

    Past nisht for Lipa or Ari.
    How did this video production escape into the open?!
    The alcohol message is frightening.
    A real shame.
    But, why do our websites need to carry this?
    And this my friends is a question for the editors.

  • 15. Sending the wrong message wrote:

    There are so many amazing messages you could have relayed about Purim in this song – but instead you chose to focus on getting drunk. The whole style of this is not Jewish. Honestly, I personally listen to non Jewish music – but what bothers me about this is that it is masquerading as Jewish music – yet it isn’t sending out a Jewish message or ideal at all. I would not want my children to watch or listen to this song. I also froze the frames when the children took off their hats, and none of them were wearing kippas. I understand you probably got a non Jewish crew to perform, but if this song/video is meant for the frum community it is so important that it reflects frum values. Imagine the subliminals you are sending to the youth that watch this. No kippas, get drunk and party – thats what Purim is about.. ?

    It is very telling that 90% of the people commenting are disappointed..

  • 16. Anonymous wrote:

    how can sit here and let our children and loved ones be exposed to such shtus?! Jewish music should be uplifting and chassidish, not just a copy of the goyim’s rubbish. Please rethink before posting a video that revolves around such an inadequate message..
    thank you!

  • 17. what the hec?? TO #16 wrote:

    ok # 16 !
    first of all, if you think something is wrong keep it to your self second of all lipa is a fantastic singer which all ways makes people smile!!!well accept you!
    we are in golus now and in the mouth of adar we should be be’simcha !!!and that is what lipa is trying to accomplish !!!
    keep it up !!

  • 20. to #17 wrote:

    Everyday when i go on i think and hope to myself that i wont see another stupid comment… but unfortunately you have disappointed me! When the Rebbe emphasised that mishenichnas Adar marbim besimcha, he meant in a way that wasn’t inappropriate or misplaced. The whole message of this clip is that we are encouraged to get drunk until we have no sense. Of course we are told to get drunk until we dont know the difference between Mordechai and haman but really the Rebbe instructed as that 4 cups are more than enough. I am not saying that this music video is bad, just the opposite, I am trying to express that this had such potential; an amazing producer and talented singers but this was ruined by its poor message.
    A’ freilechin Purim

  • 21. Mother wrote:

    I agree with all the comments that the emphasis was way too much on the drinking, more than half the song where it was graphically described in all it’s unholy ‘glory’! Another video to throw on the garbage dump! This is not uplifting or inspiring and certainly not in the true spirit of Purim!

  • 22. A question to the esteemed editor of wrote:

    1. How and why is this a Lubavitch or Crown Heights story?
    2. Even if it is somehow, is it not inappropriate, as so many readers of remarked?
    3. Did you consider removing the story as a responsible editor?

  • 23. 48 yr in the hood, wrote:

    oh stop ranting
    its fun …go lipa you rock ……
    we heard so much bad news the last few weeks
    we need some fun
    keep rocking
    go lipa go lipa go lipa

  • 24. Toshov Hashchunah, wrote:

    Are you kidding?

    Forget the religious aspect for a moment.

    No TV network or artist would ever produce or promote a video like this. It would be suicide.

    How can you rap with a bottle of booze in your hand, singing words like “feel’n so good when the alcohol hits”, in a party atmosphere surrounded by dancing children?

    Some people are so “open minded” their brain fell out!

  • 25. Completely and utterly sad wrote:

    why is it that this is even on a jewish website let alone a lubavitch one? A disgrace to the Rebbe and Chabad! Feh!

  • 27. Mary wrote:

    I usually like reading this site but growing up in an alcoholic family–this video is a turn off.


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