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Video: Michoel and Chava’s Unconventional Marriage

TV Talk show host Ricki Lake Interviews Michoel and Chava about their “unconventional” Orthodox Jewish marriage.


  • 1. VERY NICELY DONE wrote:

    Chava & Michoel you did a wonderful job especially in light of the sensitivity of the issues. It was presented in a most beautiful manner. A show like this can go along way to enlighten the Yidden who watched it as to the ways of the Torah & Chassidus. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you on the weekend!

  • 2. Finally!! wrote:

    A beautiful, halachacilly correct portrayal of our community and customs!! So, so proud of this!!

  • 3. Michoel Buddy wrote:

    What a Kiddush Hashem, You guys make The Rebbe and all of the Lubavitch world so proud ! You also break the Stigma that some of own have, to think that you are only true Lubavitch If you were Lubavitch in Russia!
    G-D bless you guys, may all young couples in CH and the world over who watch this, make a true return (As you did). To A Regal and beautiful lifestyle as proud Chassidim.
    Thank You again.

  • 5. proud wrote:

    This couple truly represented what Lubavitch Chasidim are about. They were warm & aidel. Chava dressed with good taste, tznius & aidelkeit

  • 8. Etta wrote:

    It was a real kiddush Hashem not only is the crown heights community proud of you but boro park as well. I wish I would see others in crown heights frum from birth dress as modest as Chava you are true nachos to the neshama of the rebbe a”h.

  • 10. Kol Hakavod! wrote:

    Beautiful couple!
    Beautiful Kidush Hashem

    The judge said it all at the end of the segment.

    Good for you and hatzlacha rabba!!!

  • 11. Kiddush Hashem wrote:

    Michoel and Chava,
    Great job and kol hakavod! May you be blessed with many happy, loving years together.

  • 12. Anonymous wrote:

    what a beautiful couple! great representatives and every word was weighed in to make a tremendous kiddush hashem.
    thank you!

  • 14. Rochel wrote:

    Wow, what an incredibly impressive job you guys did! You navigated sensitive topics with class and presented the halchos and customs in a beautiful way. Very well done!

  • 15. Shmuel Aaron and Malka Forshner wrote:

    Chava, you were so regal…..big ya’sher koach to you! (and your husband was OK, too….) You both made a huge kiddush Hashem, and gave the Rebbe tremendous nachas…….(and I was so glad that tv lady behaved herself…….that got me a bit nervous….) I would certainly share this with all my friends…Jews and non-Jews, frum and “not yet frum” ……thanks!

  • 16. Kol HaKavod! wrote:

    What a Kiddush Hashem!
    Perhaps this couple would like to go on speaking tours!
    So many would benefit from their eidel presentation. They handled each question with aplomb covering all aspects of dating and marriage in the most beautiful manner…I’ve never seen anything like this and I am a “Kallah” of several decades BH!

    Kol haKavod to them and to Riki Lake!

    Riki Lake also handled herself with a professionalism and mentshlichkeit.

  • 17. Beautiful.... wrote:

    This was so beautifully portrayed, it brought tears to my eyes afterwards.


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