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Video: MBD Electrifies Crown Heights

Mordechai Ben David, ‘the king of Jewish music,’ thrilled the crowd gathered at the Oholei Torah ballroom earlier this month for the annual Keren Simchas Choson V’Kallah Melave Malka and chinese auction.

MBD was accompanied by the Shira Choir and Freilach Orchestra. The video was filmed and edited by Motty Engel.


  • 1. Huge Fan wrote:

    It was an amazing evening! i can’t wait to see who they will be having next year…

  • 2. Eli wrote:

    Love these songs and the natural rendition of the orchestra.
    Is the whole concert available? (just the audio?)

  • 3. Yossi wrote:

    Great job with the video, I would have liked to see some audience shots and noise to capture the incredible energy that took place that evening.

  • 5. Equality for all wrote:

    Extremely disappointed MBD didn’t play for women also! I would have loved to hear him..


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