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Video: Israeli Flag Burned in Williamsburg on Purim


  • 2. uch n vey wrote:

    they just look like old fashioned, out of date, out of time people. how utterly weird.
    they act like they need to go for psychiatric help. or maybe psychological too.

  • 3. as a jew. wrote:

    this is why i hate being jewish. showing the world that jews a blown is wacked . never the less we still have to hold on strong

  • 6. comment wrote:

    Fools. if they have nothing better to do, they do this.
    one would think that they had more meaningful things to do

  • 7. sickos wrote:

    To the eyes of the world they are doing the same as all haters of Jews throughout the generations have done. I find it ironic that on the holiday of purim they have joined the ranks of Haman. Amalek would be very proud!

  • 8. disgusting wrote:

    What is wrong with these people?? Do they not know that Purim we are celebrating being spared by our enemies, who wanted nothing more then to have us all wiped out. Here they are being our own enemy!! The major difference is, they ARE part of us. I couldn’t watch this video all the way through. It hurts to see how much hate one Jew can have for another.

  • 9. Disgusted! wrote:

    This behavior is absolutely disgusting. These “FRUM” Jews are an embarrassment to all Yidden around the world. PIG’s!!!! i am sickened and repulsed.

  • 10. whatever, alteh neias wrote:

    by what the mishichistim and tsfatim have done in the name of the rebbe, is much worse. just btw lubavitch is not zionist and we are anti the state of israel as well. but like everything else, we are afraid to stand up for what we beleive in. its rly no wonder that we are the laughing stalk of the frumeh velt.

  • 12. to #11 wrote:

    the rebbe was against the state of israel starting but once it existed he gave it his full respect. why are you mixing meshichistim into this. im not big fan of theirs but i fail to see the connection here.

  • 14. self hating jews wrote:

    these people are self- hating jews and they are just making it worse for their brothers that live there

    and what i dont get is why these very same chassidim go and live in israel. it is ver very sad

  • 15. Yanky wrote:

    this is a very disturbing video – it shows how important it is for us to stand up for what is right, even when our “leaders” don’t, and endorse things such as those depicted in the video. I can’t imagine that all of those people support burning the Israeli flag

  • 17. Meshugoyin Gone Wild wrote:

    Thw video should be called “ Meshugoyin Gone Wild ”

  • 19. Israel is not their first enemy wrote:

    in the early 80s they burned an effigy of the Rebbe, and put fake tefillin on a horse to mock mivtza tefilin…

  • 20. To #11 wrote:

    You’re ignorant, why don’t you at least study the history before you open your mouth or click your fingertips? a good place to start is… click on Chabad & Zionism Part 1 link….

  • 21. Yungerman wrote:

    BH. Boruch Hashem for Klal Yisroel, Boruch Hashem for Toras Yisroel, Boruch Hashem for Eretz Yisroel. “KULONU bnei ISH – ECHOD” HASHEM ECHOD, TORAH ACHAS, AM ECHOD, Where is Ahavas Yisroel, zeh kol hatora kulo.

  • 22. Milhouse wrote:

    Such a display is not the Lubavitcher way, but never forget that Lubavitch is EVERY BIT AS ANTI-ZIONIST as Satmar, OR MORE. We don’t go around burning flags; we refuse to have anything at all to do with them in the first place! We don’t sing insulting parodies of Hatikvah; we refuse to sing that tomei tune at all. We don’t protest on the 5th of Iyar; we refuse to acknowledge that it is in any way a significant date.

    The Rebbe never once showed respect for the medinah; not before it was founded and not after. He was of course concerned with the security of the Jews who live in Eretz Yisroel, and this of necessity meant giving the medinah PRACTICAL support, but he was always careful never to say or do anything that would acknowledge its legitimacy, let alone to respect it. When the printer who did the Lubavitcher calendar insisted on adding the 5th of Iyar as a significant date, the Rebbe absolutely refused and was prepared to cancel the whole order. When Hatikvah was sung at a dinner, the Rebbe removed his name from the mosad. The Rebbe always described the medinah as “choshech koful umechupol”. So let nobody come along and turn Lubavitch into some sort of zionist group.

  • 23. not a chassidic jew wrote:

    its simple their hearts are filled with hatred since day 1. they hate non-satmars they even hate fellow satmars! hate goyim, but take every single penny out of the goverment. if you are not one of them then you are not a jew. maybe they should learn a little bit from you the chabbad org. instead of feeding their children with hate feed them with love at least thats what i see in the chabbad community.

  • 24. yanover wrote:

    its a kiddush hashem. i dont see why anyone here would have a problem. see what chabad says about zionism. and i know these yidden would still have zionists in their home for shabbos, theyre anti medinah and ideology but they have, despite what some here woul;d say, ahavas yisroel.

  • 25. CR wrote:

    “by what the mishichistim and tsfatim have done in the name of the rebbe, is much worse.”

    Still coming off that Purim hangover are you? What mishichistim do is silly and absurd. What SakMar Natrunia and NK followers do is Mesirah and Rodeif!

    “just btw lubavitch is not zionist and we are anti the state of israel as well.”

    Lubavitch supports the state and even serves in the army. Meanwhile, you Sakmars keep referrning to a 50 year old tome that recommends dissolving the state and allowing the UN to administer our Holy Lands. Anyone observing the results of UN “peacekeeping” operations during the last 20 years should recoil in horror at such a suggestion.

    Is there a single solitary drop of Zera Yisrael to be found in Willy!?

  • 27. Chabad rules wrote:

    This animals are the נתורי כרתה group there board peopla

  • 28. Rebbe wrote:

    We remember the days when they also used to burn on Purim an effigy of the Rebbe…..

  • 30. not in CH wrote:

    20. Milhouse wrote,,, The Rebbe had plenty of Israeli Politicians visit him all the time gave them advise and Bruchas ,Presidents ,Prime Ministers and MK’s,..his views on Israel were far removed from the pathetic behavior in this video.

  • 31. EXTREMELY UPSET wrote:

    Why would they do such a bad thing? I’m SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 33. Ahmadinejad hee malkynee wrote:

    1) They are not Satmar. They call themselves Neturei Karta, and they are led by Mo Weberman, a self-proclaimed Malach from a very dysfunctional family (he is the little guy shown trying to light the flag).

    2) These yikelach can’t even afford $5 for a full quart of hardware store kerosene, and they probably don’t even know that gasoline burns, so they could not even get the flag to stay lit and burn itself out.

    In short (and Weberman is short in stature as well as in circuitry), these guys are fools and they are cheap Purim entertainment. They don’t even go to Iran with the Monsey and UK clowns because they’re too foolish even for those wise men of Chelm.

  • 34. Why publicize? wrote:

    Why do you put this on a Chabad site and publicize it? By doing so you are seen as associating with it,and, taken out of context,people can even accuse you of endorsing it, “Ubemoshav Letzim Lo Yoshav” means not associating in any way with this behaviour. Any publicity is just giving it air and helping spread the Chillul Hashem further. Why does your site have to be a conduit for spreading and publicizing this abhorrency? You are simply giving it toifes mokom which is exactly what they want.

  • 35. nobody wrote:

    they get a low name for acting so irrational, and its on all Jews too, the rest of the world must think we are really off.

  • 36. I feel like burning it too. wrote:

    Sometimes I feel like burning the flag too. Gush Katif etc. Israel is only democratic country where pogrmos are state-sponcored. I absolutely believe that the State of Israel has been built on the false premise – the UN Resolution. And as Rebbe said many times – one cannot build on lies. The State of Israel won’t survive next big war that looming there. And, on the ashes of this communist state, a new country will rise based on Torah – The Land of Israel.

  • 37. girl wrote:

    nooooooooooooooooot normallllllllll what kind of people are they? happy not like them now people will think Jews are crazzzzzzzzzy.

  • 38. sc wrote:

    these people do not practice the Jewish religion, nor do they posses any Jewish traditional values. plain and simple, it is a cult.

  • 40. shlomo as always with bad English wrote:

    it more than 150 missiles on day fall in israel. and israeli government only talk. so what worse? live in America and burn zionist flag, or not protect citizens?
    medinat israel trufa ahi tova neged zionut!

  • 41. put your hair back wrote:

    cows should be left in the gas station!
    this is disgusting, Tova smells!

  • 42. Mishichist in a rain dance wrote:

    They have that familiar Mishichist in a rain dance look.

  • 44. screw all these ppl. wrote:

    They ddont deserve to breath the same air as me.
    They shol all go join tehran.

  • 45. BS--D wrote:

    People should send less time burning flags and more time igniting souls.
    May they and kol Yisroel in general be successful in this regard.
    Asher Elbaz

  • 46. bh wrote:

    i too think that you all right… taht tey are dicosting ect..

    but how the Rebbe tought us in the name of the Baal-Shem-Tov that we must learn something from every thing, even these kind of things, so, what we can learn is 1-to be utited in what we belive in, 2-not to care what the world says or what they think, and 3-that they are totaly MESHUGEEEEEEEE and what the gemara says that if a Yid is on his way to ever rat out another, you have the Mitzva to kill him, i thing this applyes here… maybe not every one… but the least the elder ones who provake this…

    so now in such dificult times we need to stand as one nation againts all threats, iran, these crazy idiots and alike….

  • 47. Guy wrote:

    this is nuts!!!! the Question is what are you going to do about it, are you going to just talk about it and wait/hope that some one els will?? how about you do something about it like start A law suit out oh this hate crime so at least we take there funding $ so A a lubavithcher gets wealthier and that go down or something els creative. my point is don’t just wright a comment and then move on in your life GO DO SOME GOOD WITH IT!!!

  • 48. Purim Joke wrote:

    Was that suppose to be a a Purim joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If so it IS a disgrace. Have they got nothing else to do with them selves. Open your eyes: If this is how you are teaching YOUR children to behave.. What do you think they will be teaching THEIR children to do???????????????????????

  • 49. To much Beer wrote:

    They got to loaded!! Sometimes people to things crazy when they b drunk. Maybe they are all way to loaded??

  • 50. land of milk and honey wrote:

    i dont agree with them at all.but there are some things that have to be answered. for example:the position of the zionist leadership in the land of israel during the holocaust.the betrayel of the hungarian jews by their zionist leaders.if these things are looked into and answered honestly them maybee we can see a change in the satmar chassidims attitude and actions.

  • 51. disgusting wrote:

    how could the leaders of their community just stand by and watch?! this is disgusting

  • 52. vilde chayos wrote:

    this is terrible! a big chilul hashem…. they should be ashamed! what kind of an example are they giving to their children-hating their brothers !!!!!

  • 53. Yaakov Israel wrote:

    The torah states clearly `Lo taase kemaaseem` meaning we should not do acts done by goyim and more than this ennemies of the jewish people .
    These `jews?` are doing a huge hilul hashem , they can easily make bitul Torah for this ?

  • 54. Never thought it would come to this wrote:

    These people need some serious medical attention

  • 55. Really??? wrote:

    This is not what you call frum Jews is totally the opposite!

  • 56. I cant believe this wrote:

    What is wrong with these people????!!!! This is their own nation, what happened tgo ahavas yisroel??? They should really be burning the flag of the arabs!!!! I cant believe this! EVen if they don’t like what the Israelis are doing doesn’t mean you hate them!!

  • 57. jew not zionist wrote:

    if yoilies want to learn how to properly burn anything they should take a field trip to new square LOL

  • 58. Moshe Rubenstein wrote:

    #31 – The people in this video are Satmar. They hold the same ideology as the Neturei Karta.

    All these comments goes to show the lack of education in our community. True Jews are supposed to be anti-Zionist. Dont you notice how Zionist christianity is. Reform Judaism is Zionist and so is Conservative Judaism. Lubavitchers are Zionist as well, regardless of what they claim. If you dont speak up about a issue, then silence equals consent. And I mean outright oppose it! Then again Lubavitchers are Christians so I dont expect much. If you believe that a man who came out of a woman can die and then come back from the dead, to be the Messiah, you are a christian. They might as well get a cross placed on those black hats. Wake Up People this is all Chillul Hashem! The moshiach hasnt come yet because the black black hats have created their own!

  • 59. anonymous wrote:

    just see how many times they tried to burn the flag and in the end it didn’t burn completely. How can you have so much hatred for your own self?

  • 60. Rivka Sari wrote:

    Disgusting chillul Hashem behavior! these are suicidal Jews with no neshama! Go live with the terrorist!


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